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Is It Your Fault If You Get Fat?

Is It Your Fault If You Get Fat?

According to Anti-aging Counselor Joshua Taylor, it's not your fault if you're getting fat.  Joshua helps his clients recover the energy, health and vitality of their youth.

Sounds like a new snake oil herb? Not at all.

Joshua shares that one of the best kept secrets in health and fitness is that experts now believe that ‘Life Hormones’ that begin their downward decent in a person’s 20s, can be ‘coaxed back’ with proper diet and exercise.

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Joshua believes there are two main Life Hormones necessary for good health and an overall feeling of well being: Human Growth Hormone and Testosterone—yes, testosterone—even for women!

According to Josh, a Hormone Healthy diet is high in fat, moderate in protein, and low in carbohydrates. You may be shocked to hear that these hormones can rejuvenate your body and revive your health by eating more meat, eggs, and dairy.

Not only that, but a high fat low carb diet has been shown to decrease the risk of heart disease by over 26%.

Just by adding 1 oz of mixed nuts to their diets people who are aging and dealing with the onset of weight gain can increase their Life Hormones by nearly 17% helping prevent metabolic syndrome, and other disease of Aging.

Definitely an interesting perspective that many people may wish to explore further.  Especially is gaining weight, heart disease or other related challenges are a matter of your concern.


For more than 10 years Joshua Taylor has worked as a Fitness Expert, Elite Level Wrestling Coach, Anti-Aging Counselor, and consultant to the top Anti-Aging Clinics around the world.

Over the years, his programs have successfully helped thousands of clients recover the Energy, Health and Vitality of Their Youth. And he wants to do the same for you. He is Author of the books, “3 Reasons It’s Not Your Fault You’re Getting Fat” and “Rejuvenation-Fitness.”

Joshua’'s passion is helping clients understand the symptoms they are experiencing are not simply apart of aging. By increasing their “Life Hormone” through scientifically proven Workouts and Eating habits enables people of all ages to take back control of their bodies and their health. Josh’s motto: “Aging is Inevitable, but Looking and Feeling Old is Optional.”

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