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Jessica Simpson Ate Bugs And Had Her Fortune Told On Price Of Beauty

Tonight was the premiere of Jessica Simpson's new reality TV Show, "Price Of Beauty" (POB) on Vh1.  The show included both the good and bad sides of beauty in Thailand where Jess and her besties, Ken Paves and Cacee Cobb visited on their first stop.  During the course of the first POB season the three will visit eight different cities.

The three friends were offered the opportunity to eat a Thai specialty which included fried worms and dead bugs.  Yes, the menu at a Bangkok food market included crickets and cockroaches.

Jessica bravely put a worm in her moth and immediately freaked out, ultimately retching from the delicacy.  She was told the treat would help her burn extra calories.  'It had a little slime in the middle of it and you could feel the legs,' she noted.

As always, Jessica showed her goofy side as well as her compassionate side.  When the trio met a Thai woman permanently scarred from face bleaching, her eyes brimmed with tears and she gave the woman a big hug.  It was a very touching moment.

During the same episode Jessica, Ken and Cacee experienced a humorous but obviously painful traditional Thai massage.  Jessica mused why there was no "happy ending?" to her massage.  A funny moment and pure Jess.

The besties visited a women's tribe and experienced firsthand what the heavy gold neck rings felt like.  Jess, Ken and Cacee had the rings installed around their necks.  Then they stayed for dinner.  But first they had to pick out the pig they wanted to eat.  Jessica was astounded. Also on the dinner menu was cooked frogs.

During a visit with a Buddhist monk Jessica couldn't contain her giggles, but the monk was not thrilled with her reaction to his serious mission promoting meditation.

Jessica shared her musing throughout the episode but made a point to say "people put so much pressure on women to be beautiful."  She noted "there's always a new diet to follow, a new beauty product. But is that really what defines beauty?"

Fortune telling is very popular in Thailand. Jessica had her fortune read and she look shocked when she was told by the reader that her Prince Charming was on the horizon.  Indeed the beautiful blonde was told she would "fall in love" but with a much smaller guy.  Of course her last two guys were quite tall, so it does make sense.  Right?

She said "I got chill bones from head to toe when the fortune teller said 'you're really going to fall in love."  Jessica added "and of course now I'm single so that was comforting. Fingers crossed."

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