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Shear Genius 3 - Episode 6 - No Longer All Fun And Games

I have to confess I wasn't surprised when April and Brian were the bottom two in the Final Elimination Round on Episode 6 which involved creating two different head shots on the same model.

(Image of April - Shear Genius 3 - BravoTV - All Rights Reserved)

Since the always annoying and very obnoxious Brig had won the challenge last week, she had immunity.  Even if she totally bombed, she was safe.  Which meant the target had to be shifted to someone else.  And the focus shifted to April.

During the Short Cuts Challenge my girl Janine totally rocked it and won hands down.  Guest Judge Kevin Mancuso seemed quite impressed.  April and Matthew came in at the bottom two of the Short Cuts challenge.  It's wasn't surprising April came up short but Matthew was definitely a surprise.

The Short Cut Challenge required the stylists to take a geometric shape and craft a precision cut on a female Asian model incorporating the shape.   Janine won raves from Kevin Mancusco, but all the other stylists seemed to fall short except for Jon whose was passable, but not great.

During the main Elimination Challenge Janine totally nailed the two unique looks on her model and she finished in the top two with Matthew.  But again, Matthew won.  This has happened before and it is no longer fun to watch.

I have to say that in every other Elimination Challenge I agreed with the judges.  However, I think in this particular episode Janine got robbed of a rightful win.

Yes, Matthew, who did win the challenge - again - did a great job with his model, but I think Janine had him beat by a few points.  Her Girl Next Door and Edgy Secretary With Front Bump hairstyles were brilliant.

I personally agreed with Hostess Camilla Alves that there was a gap on Matthew's model's hair right near the jawline and I noticed it immediately.

As far as April's work, it was a no brainer she was going to be the one sent home this week.  I predicted it last week when I said either Amy or April were going home.  Amy went home last week.  So that left April for this week.

Not only did April lose in the Short Cuts Challenge, she also botched her Elimination Challenge. Plus, as the weeks have gone by April has seemed to develop a definite snarl which she directed at the various judges and the camera.  It was time for her to leave.

To be honest I am getting tired of Matthew.  Yes,  he's a great hairdresser, but so is Janine.  I really believe she should have won the final challenge which would have given her a big sweep with her Short Cut win.  In the past when Matthew beat Janine on two different occasions it was a very close tie. I could see why he won.  Not this week.  Definitely not.

When Matthew won yet again when I thought Janine had it, I found myself saying 'this is no longer fun'.

While I was lukewarm about Camilla at the beginning of the show, she has grown on me.  I can't say the same for Jonathan Antin.  I definitely am not liking him as a judge.  I think he is just there to add color because I don't agree with a lot of his comments.  Plus he seems negative and obnoxious.

Kim Vo can do no wrong in my eyes.  I have also been impressed with all of the guest judges.  I only wish Orlando Pita was a judge.  He seems to really understand the unique challenges all of the stylists face and helps gently nudge them in the right direction.

Let's hope next week either Janine wins the Elimination Challenge or Brig goes home.  It not, I may be hanging up my Shear Genius watching glasses for the rest of the season because I am starting to smell a rat.

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