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Hairy Idea For Recyling Human Hair

In the June 22nd edition of the Examiner there was a story about Joan and Brian Williams of Barnstaple, England who found an interesting way to recycle Brian's hair clippings from his regular haircuts.

To save a few bucks Joan had taken to cutting Brian's hair.

It's not that unusual in current economic times to have a family member trim your hair.  However, what is unusual is the fact that Joan collects Brian's clippings in a sheet and when she is finished, she shakes the loose hair outside.

(Image courtesy of Timobalk - All Rights Reserved)

Why?  Joan and Brian were delighted to discover that local birds had followed a pattern of flying by, picking up some of Brian's hair and using it to feather their new nests.  So far a robin, green finch and gold finch had all made claims to Brian's cut hair snippets and had used them to build their nests in the couples back yard.

Brian who has gray hair is delighted not only that the birds are building their nests in his and Joan's back yard but also that he can save them time by using his gray hair remains which make the nests festive.  To prove their point, photos were shown of the three different bird's nest with Brian's hair woven into the mix.

Who knows if this idea has merit or not but it certainly is an interesting and upbeat story which is always welcome in today's world of bad news.

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