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Sandra Bullock 2010 Academy Award Winning Fashion And Hair Style

Sandra Bullock was a winner at the 2010 Academy Awards in more ways than one.  Yes, she won the award for Best Actress even though originally she told people she would lose to Meryl Streep.

But win she did and she scored big with her gown, accessories and perfect hair so sleek and shiny it looked like a sheet of glass.  Her naturally curly brunette strands, yes they really are curly, were cascading off a side part and flowing down past her shoulders in the shape of a slight S.  She looked like a true movie star.

Although updos and poufs were prominent on the 2010 Red Carpet, I was thrilled to see Sandra buck the trend and set her own.  She looked like an old Hollywood movie star oozing glamour, elegance and class.

Sandra Bullock;s gown was a pale gold Marchesa gown with old Hollywood beauty. Chanel makeup artist Angela Levin, who regularly works with Bullock, said the look was "all about the lips."

Who was the celebrity hair guru behind Sandra's eye blinding shimmering locks?  Adir Abergel of course.  The Frederic Fekkai hairdresser has been coiffing some eye popping hairstyles for the gorgeous brunette for some time.

How was her blinding hair shine created?  With a complete focus towards completely flattening the cuticles because perfectly flattened cuticles will reflect light.  The flatter the cuticles, the more light is reflected and the brighter the shine and shimmer.

A flat iron run over the hair after it's been prepped with a shine enhancing spray and sealed with serum will definitely generate eye blinding shine like Sandra's.

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