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Shear Genius Short Challenge - Week Five - Dry Haircuts On Natural Curly Frizzy Hair

The episode started with the recap of last week's elimination challenge and the announcement that Brian, who won, would have his work added to the Allure Wall of Fame.

(Image of April from Shear Genius 3 - Bravo/TV - All Rights Reserved)

Then Camilla Alves announced that Moulay Yacoubi, world class dry cutting instructor and master stylist who was a collegue of John Sahag would be the guest judge for the Short Challenge.

Camilla told the remaining competitors that Moulay Yacoubi trained under the "late John Sahag where he master Sahag's famed dry cutting technique.

Matthew said to the camera "Moulay was an apprentice under John Sahag, God rest his soul, one of the best hair cutters who ever lived." With that Matthew made a cross on his chest.

Camilla said "for this challenge you will be asked to give all of these curly haired models a graduated bob.  And you must cut and style the hair while it is completely dry.

Janine said to the camera "we're cutting this curly hair into a graduated bob which is the most opposite shape I would ever cut curly hair into.  I'm a little bit sweaty."

And with good cause.  The very first week Janine had a disastrous result when she did the "Punk To Polished Short Cut" competition and cut someone with very curly hair into a bob which Jonathan Antin said was death.  No wonder Janine was sweaty.  Camilla said "so keep in mind when you cut it, your finished look must be straight."

(Image of Janine Jarman - Shear Genius 3 - Bravo/TV - All Rights Reserved)

April said to the camera "we're going from curls out to here (and she gestured) to here, to here and smooth."  She demonstrated with her hands moving up the head.  Then she said "I'm so excited."  Then she made a face at the camera and said "huh."

Camilla said "each of you will be selecting a scissor box to determine the order in which you pick your clients."  At that point the stylists made a fast move towards the boxes.

Camilla said "stylists please open your boxes".  Amy groaned "for heavens sake" as she held up number 7.  Amy said "every time I get the last box."  Jon laughed uproariously.  So did Matthew.

Matthew had the first selection.  Janine who was wearing cute braided pigtails had the second pick.  Followed by April, Jon, Brig, Brian and Amy.  When Brig picked her model she said "I can't pass up a redhead" and then she told the camera that her orange hued hair was "natural".  Uh, Ok Brig.  Whatever you say.

Camilla said "there is one more thing you should know about today's challenge.  Because it's easy to hide mistakes in curly hair, you must turn in all of your cutting tools after you have complete your cut."  April said "oh-oh" and Matthew said "whew"  the rest of the stylists looked very somber.

(Image of Matthew - Shear Genius 3 - Bravo/TV - All Rights Reserved)

Brig said "I'm going to have to cut this graduated bob on curly frizzy dry hair.  Then wash it and not be able to go back in and tweak it.  I can tell you right now.  No one, can cut this hair perfectly."  Camilla announced "you have two hours for this challenge and the clock begins now."

Jon said to his client "we're going to take this easy and breezy."  April asked her model "how long since you had it cut" and her model said "about a year and a half."  She said "oh wow."  Then to the camera she said "I gotta tell you a pin straight graduated bob's not my thing."  She combed the hair and said to the model, before even cutting "OK, we're done."

Janine asked her model "like what length are you comfortable with?"  Her model said "I'm comfortable with the chin or a little bit above the chin."

Janine said "this is the same haircut I so brainlessly tried to attempt in 7 minutes the first challenge.  So I'm going in this and doing it the right way, taking my time, taking my itty bitty sections and just going back to basics."

Brian who has curly hair told the camera and his model "I work with curly hair all the time.  Every morning actually."

(Image of Brig - Shear Genius 3 - All Rights Reserved)

Jon told his model "I don't want to take it too short so it makes it too square but I don't want to leave it too long so its not a bob either."

Brig told her model "a bob can look a little maternity if it's done wrong."  Brig told the camera "a graduated bob is like...yawn..and you just walk on the car lot, buy a mini van, get a graduated bob and like roll out to the PTA meeting."  Ouch.  Brig just insulted Bob lovers around the world.  Nice!  Brig continued "so I'm going out on a limb on this one."

Matthew made the first cut and then said to the camera "my plan is to be meticulous and precise.  I've got plenty of time."

Meanwhile Amy was talking to her client about her step children and how she "misses them like crazy.  This is an adult environment here and I'm a little bit of a kid.  So yeah, it's kinda hard."

April's model said "I've never had my hair cut dry before" and April said "really?  It's quite common."  Janine said "April, weird not cutting after you dry, huh?"  Janine said "I'm like, oh, OK."  April agreed "yeah."

Janine told the camera "I've never done it this way before.  But the Mushashi dry shears were perfect for this."

Moulay Yacoubi walked over to Janine and said "alright Janine.  Can you tell me what you're doing?"  Janine said "I really cut her clean around the perimeter along the weight line and I'm just graduating it up from there."  Moulay said "why do you like the dry cutting?" Janine "because you can see what you're cutting as your going." Moulay "right"  Janine said "right, there's no surprises, I mean, little."  Moulay said "once you're done."  Janine "yeah."

April told Moulay "I'm kinda looking for a longer sexier below the collar bone look, weighted.  So I"m just going in, diving in."  She told the camera "my entire client base would not have a graduated bob on their head because it's a very non-traditional feel.  I mean, it bores me to tears.  Feminine, soft, kickin, dah, dah, dah. Nice.  Like it."

Moulay said to Brig "Hi Brig, how are you?"  Brig started gushing.  She said "Hi, such a pleasure to meet you and shook his hand.  She told him "we're going for a 1940s meets 2009 graduated bob. She's going to be selling herself at home as well and I didn't want a lot of volume this way.  When she wore it curly.  I wanted more shape towards the front and a bit tighter in the back."  Moulay thanked Brig and moved on.

Brian said "I've had long hair like three times in my life.  I'm not afraid of change.  I'm not perfect, that's the only perfect thing about me."  Matthew looked over and gave Brian a weird look.

Amy said "you think you're perfect every time you stare in the mirror."  Brian said "oh snap.  It takes me 5 minutes to get ready."

Matthew said "an hour" and Brian said "I'm up and showered and dressed in like five minutes."  Moulay was standing by and watching the banter.  Matthew and Amy made fun of Brian at that point.   Brian was literally speechless and didn't even respond.

Amy talked about how dry her model's hair was and how she couldn't put any moisture in it.  She said "this is a very difficult challenge."   Brig said "there was definitely a moment when I stopped and said 'this hair looks great.'  But I looked around me and everyone else was still cutting.  So I go back in and I spend another 10 minutes detailing my cut and making it as perfect as I possibly can."

Janine said about Brig's cut "it (Brig's cut) was a maniac.  It was cut to the round of the head.  It's going to be a bitch to grow out."

Brig said to her client "I don't know if I would like me if I weren't me."    Jon responded to Brig by saying "any takers?  Any takers?  Are all of you just going to leave that alone?"  Jon said "seriously?  Ahhhhh"

Moulay looked at Matthew's model and said "wow, she should be in the movies."  Moulay told Jon "I promised you a ring if you get this right.  Think about it."  Jon said "how big is that?  I'm going to have to use that as a cock ring."  Moulay said "use it however you want to use dear friend."  Whoa.  Jon laughed, covered his face and said "I'm going to hell."

Moulay told Jon "give me something like a bang bang."  Jon said "coming next."  Moulay said "coming next?  Don't make it more challenging.  If you need to stop.  Stop."

Amy said to her model "I'm happy with it.  Let's go to the sink."  Matthew called out "Amy are you done?"  Amy said "yes I am" and Matthew said "wow.  You better be sure."  Jon said "the soapbox could be kicked out from under me."

Matthew is "ewwww, gross."  Brig said to her model "here we go, let's do some color."

Matthew said "I have no idea why someone would color their model. It's not an appropriate use of time."  Meanwhile Jon was making Batman type of wings on his model's hair and singing "perfection."

Matthew said about Jon "go to the shampoo bowl early, I don't care."  Moulay said "we have 30 minutes left."

Moulay said to Matthew "you're all into it."  April was yelling "yahoo."  It was craziness as the stylists waved their blow dryers around like mad.

Moulay asked April "and after you're don with your drying, what are you going to do?"  April said "I don't know, I'm going to see."  She looked at the camera "graduated bobs, whatever."

When the 1 minute warning was called by Camilla Jon said "where'd the hell my brush go."

The finished models were shown one at a time starting with Matthew.  Moulay said "the overall look is fantastic.  You gave her an amazing look.  With the bangs, you just nailed it.  On the right side it is uneven but overall, I love it."

About Janine's model Moulay said "I think it looks fantastic.  The right side is a little bit heavy so make sure when you texturize your head, texturize the whole head.  Overall, perfect."

Moulay was not crazy about Brig's model.  He said "we gave you a model with long hair.  You should have created something more beautiful than this.  And there was no graduation at all.  It was very short for the client and a lot of uneven sections.  You kept cutting and cutting and cutting and you got that."

Moulay said about Brian "this has to be graduated all the way through here.  You didn't do that.  You have graduation here but not here."

For Amy Moulay pointed out she didn't need to color it.  He told her she should go back and texturize it more.

When it came to April Moulay pointed out that Camilla told you in the beginning to "make it straight."  He said "you choose to give me this style.  But that's not what you were asked to do.  I see like a lot of holes in the back especially in the back.  There doesn't have to be holes.  Correct?"  April said "not for me.  Yeah for you, that's cool, I respect you."

Moulay seemed upset.  He raised his voice "that's not the point. The point is give us slick graduated bob."  April said "that's my graduated bob so to you I failed.  They're ugly and F***** to me."

April said "it looked like someone took an axe and forgot to chop the rest of the head off.  I prefer to have the weight here here."  Brig said "she's (April) like a powder keg. She'll come out of nowhere like raaaaaarrrrrr."  Brig raised her arms over her head like a monster.

April said "you don't like it?  It's all good."

Moulay said "Can I ask you a very simple question?  A client comes to you and says 'I want a slick bob.' and April cut him off and said "I would say go to Vidal Sassoon.  Period."  April then ragged to the camera "Period.  Then she cursed."  She walked off.

Jon laughed and said "I'm next.  Thanks a lot."

Moulay said "I like it very much.  It soften her eyes.  In the back it's so uneven."  Jon said "I shouldn't have colored her hair.

Moulay named Brig and April as the two stylists who impressed him the least.  He named Mr. Matthew and Janine as the top two.

Brig "oh my gosh, guess who is in the top two."  He had great things to say about Matthew and Janine.  He told Janine "the whole thing was amazing."

Janine won the challenge.  Janine said "this is something I really pride myself in.  Dry cutting.  A graduated bob, I told you."

As the winner of The Short Cut challenge she got first pick of the models in the next challenge.

Janine said "once again Matthew and I were at the top."  April said "I did vent, didn't I?  I lost it.  Oh no you don't.  It was like 'calm the F*** down'.  It doesn't have to be a challenge personally."

Bottom line, Matthew and Janine were in the top and Brig and April was at the bottom but Amy was barely out of the bottom going into the next Elimination Challenge.

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