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Actress Kate Walsh Swam With Sea Turtles For PSA

I'm a fan of Kate Walsh, 42, the star of ABC's Private Practice and have been keeping track of her career even when she appeared on "The Drew Carey" show as Nicki.

Kate was fun in that part even though she had to wear a fat suit for part of the time.  I also loved her when she appeared on "Grey's Anatomy" in 2005.

(Image of Kate Walsh as Addison Montgomery on ABC's "Private Practice" - All Rights Reserved)

Imagine how excited I was to see her appear on "The Ellen Degeneres Show".  Oddly, Kate, who was wearing jeans, a pristine white jacked and a soft peach top didn't have much to talk about. Ellen showed a clip of Kate having a romantic moment on "Private Practice" with Dr. Pete Wilder (Tim Daly) who plays one of the doctors in a neighboring practice.

When asked how she was doing by Ellen, Kate, whose dark cinnamon red hair was coiffed in a below-the-chin wavy center parted bob said "I'm great, I'm great.  I'm getting busy on TV."  Ellen agreed Kate was getting busy and that she shouldn't "be watching that."

Kate "I know, I felt a little awkward."  Ellen said "it's like I shouldn't have been there for that moment."

Ellen and Kate also chatted about Kate's recent attendance at the 2010 Superbowl which she deemed "amazing, really amazing."  Although not a huge football fan she told Ellen she is a fan of football from "playoffs to the Super Bowl, alright, yeah team."  She told Ellen "I was rooting for The Saints.  I know you're a huge Saints fan."  Kate said "it was fun, we were with a great group of people" including Harry Connick.

Kate explained she was there with Harry "for pregame" and then he was "down on the field" and she watched all "the revelry which was amazing.   Harry with his daughters and his wife were all decked out in black and gold and they was insane."

It was Kate's "first Superbowl.  And it was a great game.  The interception?  Come on."  She obviously was excited to attend and enjoyed it immensely.

Kate said "suddenly I started screaming and swearing a lot and people I was with were like 'wow' and I was like 'just back off.'  Yeah. it's not pretty."  Ellen said "I don't know why you have to curse watching it."  Kate "why do I?"  Ellen "it's not necessary."  Kate "it is not necessary."

Ellen then showed a clip of Kate swimming with a large beautiful sea turtles in St. Thomas (Virgin Islands).  She explained she went with Oceana.  "We shot a PSA (public service announcement) on saving the sea turtles."  Kate said the sea turtles "are in danger of becoming extinct" because "basically the ocean is suffering from the same environmental issues as the rest of the planet, which is the carbon emissions."

Kate went on to note "the ocean is becoming very acidic and these guys are in danger.  The more acidic the ocean becomes the more difficult it becomes for the fishes to form shells.  It's very difficult for the reefs."

Kate "they're in danger of extinction and I got to make a PSA and swim with them."

Ellen "Wow!"  She explained to Kate it would be a dream to be able to swim with sea turtles like that.

Kate told Ellen the turtle she was photographed swimming with was about "16 years old" and she said "it's a bad arcade game when it comes down" to the baby sea turtles, who start life very small, making it across the sand to the ocean.  Kate said there are predator birds and rows of fish trying to get to the newly hatched turtles as they make their way to the water.

Ellen said "they (the little turtles) make it so far (across the sand and past the predators) and then we ruin it.  They deserve" (to live).  Unbelievable, I would love to do that."

Kate said when it comes to her own animals she's "a dork" and "checks on the animals (all rescues)."  She "calls home" to see how her two cats and two dogs are doing.  She said she recently called and all of the animals were chasing a bird around the house that got in somehow.  She said that the cats and dogs all banned together and were "all in" to go after the bird like "gangsters."

Watch Kate in season 3 of Private Practice on Thursday nights, 10:00 p.m. EST on ABC!

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