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Ozzy Osbourne Said He Was Always At Bottom Of Sharon's Animal Rescue List

Rock legend Ozzy Osbourne and his wife Sharon (whom I love) appeared on The Ellen Degeneres Show on Friday, February 5th.

Ellen started by saying "first of all, you both look fantastic.  And just let me say ahead of time, both of you have filthy, filthy potty mouths so what I'm going to do, every time you curse."  Ozzy said *&^* and was instantly bleeped.  Ellen reached over and hit a loud buzzer and said "that's one."  She continued "and every time you curse I'm going to fine $1,000 and it's going to go to Haiti.  So that's $1,000 because of that word right there."  Ellen pointed to the buzzer.

Ellen said "alright?"  Sharon shook her head and said "Alright" and Ozzy nodded.  Well it seemed he nodded.

Ellen explained to Ozzy "it's daytime.  There's children watching.  This is not MTV."  Ellen then proceeded to read a quote from Ozzy's new book "I Am Ozzy," and it started with Ozzy quoting all the things he's been loaded on..."booze, coke, acid, Quaaludes, glue, cough syrup, heroin, Rohypnol, Klonopin, Vicodin, and too many other heavy substances to list."

Ozzy said that on "more than a few occasions I was on all of them at the same time (the list of drugs)."

Ellen looked at Ozzy and said "how are you sitting here?"  Ozzy said "I guess I'm lucky you know.  I'm not proud of it, it's just the lifestyle I was leading."

Ellen "and you never did any of that.  Right Sharon?"  Ozzy "she didn't need it (the drugs)"

Sharon "Noooo.  I never took drugs but when I was first with Ozzy I drank a lot.  Trying to compete with him. But I was just a terrible drinker.  The worst."

Ellen asked Sharon "So you weren't tempted to try?"  Ozzy "One time, she used to get crazy when she was drinking.  Just wrecking the place.  And so I said, try smoking marijuana.  And she go even worse.  Just smoking a doobie. She ended up throwing stuff at me."

Sharon "It just doesn't work for me (doing drugs).  It doesn't work with my body chemistry."

Ellen "and that must have been hard for you to watch him go through that.  And try to quit and then go back.  Because you've been married 27 years?"

Sharon "No, now 28 years."   The audience went crazy with applause.  Ellen "Wow"

Ellen showed the audience wedding photos of the couple and pictures of them early in their careers.

Sharon "It's hard when you don't need it so you don't understand why someone would want it.  I would never wake up in the morning thinking 'Oh I need a Rohypnol' or whatever it is.  It just wasn't in my, you know, in my makeup.  So it was hard."

Ellen "But you say that you fought a lot.  There's some crazy fights."

Ozzy "Oh yeah, oh yeah."

Ellen "What is the worst fight you got into?"

Ozzy "Which time?"  Sharon chimed in "Which time?"  Ozzy started ticking off his fingers "we had 1989 and."  Sharon "We had fabulous fights.  Our fights were famous for awhile.  There was one time..."  Sharon turned to Ozzy "when I threw that bottle at you."  Ozzy said "I threw the bottle at you."  Sharon "no I threw the bottle at you at the back of your head."

Ozzy raised his voice "you threw the bottle at, oh yah, yah, yah."

Sharon "We were in a hotel room somewhere and we argued.  He leaves the room.  I'm so mad I pick up his bottle of whatever it was.  I think it was brandy.  And I threw it down the hallway.  And as I threw it the bottle was spinning over and over and I was going 'noooooooo' and it went 'bang' like this on the back of his head.  And I was like 'oh my god, I've killed him, oh my god.'"

Ellen "he went down?"  Sharon "no, he just went like that (and she demonstrated Ozzy touching the back of his head.  And he comes running right at me and said "youuu" and he gets me against the wall and he looked at me, I looked at him and we started to laugh.  Neither of us knew why we were fighting, because we were so out of it.  So we ended up laughing."

Ellen gave the couple one of her famous looks that said 'you've got to be kidding me.'  The audience went wild with laughter and Ozzy reached out and touched Ellen's hand. Sharon laughed wildly.

Ellen said "it sounds just like Portia and me at home.  That's crazy and then what made you stay in this. Or I guess, what made both of you stay in it?"

Ozzy "Well I needed Sharon she didn't need me.  She had a fondness for animals and I was always at the bottom of the animal list."  Ellen "and you were one of the animals she rescued?"

Sharon "Nooo I love him.  He's just such a good, good man.  He's just the best man I've ever met in my life."

Ozzy "I haven't had anything for six and a half years."  Ellen repeated it and he said "yeah."  Ozzy said "You know what? It's a lot better."  Ellen "yes.  Well we are happy you were ready to stop and it's amazing that, like I said, its an amazing thing to walk away."

Ozzy "Now I think to myself.  You know I really used to think I was having a good time?  When I was out there Sharon wouldn't be very 'oh darling did you have a bad night?' She'd be really brutal and you know, lots of swear buttons would come at me.  I remember one time in New York when I was having a bad withdrawal point and I was laying on the floor in the bedroom and I said 'Sharon I think I'm dying' and she said to me 'well die quietly.  I've got a meeting at 9:30.' "

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Rock legend Ozzy Osbourne and his family have donated thousands of dollars to the Haiti aid effort - by SWEARING on an American TV show.

Ozzy, Sharon, Jack and Kelly appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres talk show, and were challenged to keep it clean on penalty of having to put cash in a swear box.

But the foul-mouthed family, famed for their outrageous antics, found it impossible to keep a lid on their bad language even for a few minutes.

On her Twitter page, Kelly revealed it was the first interview the family had done together for a long time.

And the sparks immediately flew.

"Every time we swore on the Ellen show we donated $1,000 to Haiti!" she wrote.

Show organisers declined to give a total figure but said that it was "very generous".

Haiti was devastated by a quake last month.

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Please follow us on Twitter at: I look forward to meeting new people from all walks of Twitter and learning from their Tweets.

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