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LL Cool J Assigns Success of NCIS LA To Mark Harmon And NCIS Team

Ellen introduced LL Cool J by saying "I'll tell you something, ladies love our first guest.  He's a Grammy award winning musician who stars on TV's hottest new drama "NCIS Los Angeles".  Ellen played a clip of LL Cool J on NCIS.

LL Cool J came out on Ellen's stage wearing a gray tee shirt which showed off his amazing body and he had a matching gray wool skull cap on his shaved head.  He was wearing tight jeans and a big diamond stud in his ear.

The crowd of mostly women when crazy with screams and applause.  LL gave the audience a thumbs up.

Ellen said "Every time I see you, you just get more and more fit.  And your arms.  What are you doing?"  Ellen teased him and said "are you going the shake weight?"

LL Cool J laughed and said "you know, just working out, trying to stay healthy.  You know, working on the set.  In the gym, having fun."  Ellen "how do you have time to do that?  I know those are long hours on the show."

LL Cool J "It's tough but you have to do it after hours, you have to do it on the weekends, you have to figure it out."  He looked at the audience "how bad do you want it?"   Ellen said "that's not what he meant.  Don't answer that."  Ellen was teasing about LL saying "how bad to you want it."

LL Cool J laughed, covered his face as if he was embarrassed and said "funny."

Ellen "Yeah, they want it.  Uhh so I saw you the other day at the telethon for Hope For Haiti which was fantastic.  It was amazing to see so many people turn out.  Wasn't it?"

LL Cool J "yeah. It was an amazing event.  I'm just so happy that so many people care about what happened to that country and I think it's a testament to America and all the Hollywood community in general.  It says, it's a statement to the world that we care and we don't feel like we're removed from everyone else.  Because we're out here in" and LL Cool J make air quotes "because we're out here in 'Hollywood'.  We care about people and we want to see people, you know, live well and be healed and be OK."

Ellen "yeah.  Do you love going to the Grammys every year?"

LL Cool J "I love it, I'm very passionate about music, just like you are, and it's always fun to go to the Grammys.  I saw you talking about Pink's performance earlier.  I thought it was amazing.  You know."

Ellen "what was that like to be under her like that?"

LL Cool J laughed at Ellen's little innuendo about Pink and said "Oh man, it was like a living shower head.  I don't know.  It was amazing.  It was amazing.  Seeing her twirling and doing her whirling dervish thing.  Up, a 1,000 feet up.  It was great."

Ellen "everybody goes to so much trouble to do hair and makeup and look great and then you're just douse with water underneath.  It was almost like a little...did you care?  Did people act like they didn't care?"

LL Cool J "I didn't worry about my hear (LL Cool J's head is shaved)."

Ellen "no, no."  LL Cool J "but I saw a few women out there 'oh my god, oh my god, oh my god.  I love you but, oh my god, oh my god.' That's what it was like."  And he laughed remembering the water spewing performance.

Ellen teased LL Cool J and said he would be the best guy to be under Pink if she feel and said "you could just hold your finger up"

LL Cool J said "honestly I was thinking how can I look cool while I running so she doesn't crush me (if she falls)" He laughed "as if anyone's that strong" and then he demonstrated holding his arms and hands out "hey Pink, I got ya."

Then he said "LL and Pink, killed at the Grammys, it's terrible." which he was mocking the media and how they would have headlined if she feel and landed on LL.

Ellen "No, I think you would have actually tried to catch her."

LL Cool J "I would, I would."

Ellen "So lets talk about what a huge hit this is (NCIS LA).  NCIS is amazing.  Right? It's like the number one show?"

LL Cool J "You know what?  I'm very grateful" and he looked at the audience "Thank you."  He said "for those of you watching it, thank you.  For those of you who haven't watched it, I hope you give it a chance.  It's a pretty fun show and you know we're really grateful.  We didn't come into this expecting anything or cocky or trying to funny in terms of what we were expecting the public to say.  We just hoped we would have a good show.  And I think we owe a lot to Mark Harmon and the original NCIS because it was there spinoff that allowed.  Their show allowed people to get into the spinoff.  We just hope we can get that chemistry to that level and people will."

Ellen "Well it is.  People are loving it.  And speaking of it, because its a hit you had to move your whole family out here and this is brand new, right?  Because you've always been on the East Coast?"

LL Cool J "Yeah, born and raised in New York.  So I have the kids in school out here.  My two daughters are in school out here.  Actually my middle daughter's not in the picture (Ellen showed a photo of LL Cool J with his family) they're happy in school."

Ellen "Definitely different than (schools) in New York."  LL Cool J "Definitely different.  Definitely."

LL Cool J "Definitely at Christmas you don't want to see Santa in a white beater with Spandex on.  You gotta go back East to get some cold weather.  But other than that I enjoy LA.  I have a lot of fun here.  You know?"  LL Cool J laughed and said "Hoo, Hoo, Hoooo, Ho.  You see Santa jogging down the block with a decaff latte, delivering gifts."

Ellen "yeah.  Some of the Santas in the mall. I'd rather see that guy you just described."

Ellen explained to LL Cool J that they are raising money and Nivea is giving a $1,000 for every audience member LL Cool J hugs and kisses.  At that point the audience went wild screaming.   LL Cool J proceeded to go out and hug the audience and raised $5,000 in hugs.

After a break LL Cool J was a great sport and played a game with Ellen.  Overall LL Cool J was a great guest and a really good sport.  No wonder NCIS LA is doing so great in the ratings.  Not to mention all the rest of the great NCIS LA cast.

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