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Pink Strips Down To Body Revealing Straps And Spins In Air At Grammy Awards

Seal announced the arrival of singer Pink at the 2010 Grammy Awards.

Walking out onto the stage in the shadows with lights playing off her sparkling white gown which had a hood draped over her head Pink walked out into the audience singing.

At one point she pulled the hood back and then dropped the gown completely on the ground to expose her body carefully crisscrossed in white sequined straps over a form fitting nude body suit.  Nothing was left to the imagination.

Pink's hair was white white platinum blonde with it brushed up and off her hairline and to one side.  Her hair was very short in back and slicked to her head.

Pink continued to sing as she stepped into a white satin sheet and then was raised up into the air as part of a human spinning sculpture with three dancer spinning above her.  Somehow water was added to the equation and Pink was spinning very high above the audience with stream of water dripping from her body.  Beautifully color lights played over the spinning star who finished her song by spinning quickly in a full circle upside down in the air.

The crowd of superstars including Rihanna gave her a standing ovation.  It was quite a sight.

Leave to Pink to create a shocking yet visually pleasing new performance and combine it with her winning voice.

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