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Thea Andrews, Peter Castro And Lori Bergamotto Report From 2010 SAG Red Carpet

People Magazine and TNT joined together to present a special pre-SAG Red Carpet with interviews and live commentary on the stars.

Lori Bergamotto kicked off the show by presenting a retrospective on Red Carpet fashions over the past several years.  It was fascinating to spot stars like Sandra Bullock from the past who is still walking the Red Carpets in 2010.  There was a shot of the SATC Girls when Sarah Jessica Parker wore her famous black beaded two piece stomach baring gown along with glimpses of a much younger Tom Cruise, Keifer Sutherland (glad handing the spectators) and Gwyneth with long hair.

There was also a shot of Renee Zellweger wearing her hair short with her famous long black lace adorned gown, hanging out with Richard Gere.

Also included was a clip of a much younger Tom Hanks walking over to the spectator booths and grabbing a cell phone to chat.  How spontaneous was that?

Even more surprising was a clip of Julia Roberts when she was a brunette and Leo Decaprio looking dabber in a tux.

It was a fabulous retrospective followed by interviews with the 2010 celebrities who arrived with great weather, unlike the Golden Globes where the Red Carpets were literally drenched with rain.

Although the People and TNT Red Carpet for the SAG2010 awards were short and snappy, I really enjoyed it and the presenters were all very prepared and engaging.

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