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Kevin Bacon Thanks Chance Phelps Family For Courage At Golden Globes

Kevin Bacon won his first Golden Globe in two tries as Best Actor In A Mini Series Or Movie "Taking Chance" for his role as Lt. Col. Michael Strobl.  He beat out Kenneth Branaugh, Brendon Gleason and Jeremy Irons in the category.  It was his second Golden Globe nomination.

When he heard his name he turned and kissed his gorgeous wife, Keira Sedgwick.

Kevin stepped onto the stage with his hair tousled and wearing black rimmed glasses.  He started his speech by saying "Thank you.  It's an honor to be on the same list with some of the most incredible actors here tonight.  I got a great team I want to thank."  Kevin went on to name the members of his team including "Susie, Dave, Michelle, Alicia, Fred, Alan, Jen, thank you guys so much."

Then he said "Thanks to HBO, man.  You're run like a pretty well-oiled machine over there and I appreciate that.  We had incredible, incredible producers on this movie and an incredible cast and crew.  It was a total.  I wouldn't say it was fun but an amazing, amazing experience for me."

Kevin continued "Ross Katz, you crushed it my friend.  You certainly did.  Mike Strobl, a real honor to walk in your shoes.  I want to thank the family of Chance Phelps for having the courage to let his story be told.  And to my beautiful family Keko, Trav, Sosie, love you guys.  Let's take care of each other.  Please. Thank you."

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