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Glee's Chris Colfer And Amber Riley Talk At Golden Globes About The Madonna Episode

Chris Colfer (Kurt Hummel) and Amber Riley (Mercedes Jones) from TV's hit show, "Glee" on Fox, were interviewed by E! on the Red Carpet at the 2010 Golden Globe Awards and were asked if being at a big award's show was overwhelming.

Chris, who was wearing a dark suit and Amber who had on a gorgeous long steel blue gown with her hair worn down in long ringlets, seemed excited to be interviewed on the Red Carpet.

Chris said "it's a little overwhelming.  I think it's a little surreal for all of us."  Chris held the microphone for Amber who said "it's amazing.  It's our first time being at The Golden Globes and it's our first time being nominated, so... And isn't this the first time it rained?  At the Golden Globes.  So this is a lot of firsts for us."

Chris shook his head "yes"

E! said "it could be a good luck omen.  We ordered it just for you."  E! said to Amber "I heard you walk by earlier and say 'I don't care if it's raining it's The Golden Globes.  OK!'

Amber laughed.  She said "people are saying we're sorry it's your first time and it's raining."  Amber said "we don't care.  It's the Golden Globes.  It's amazing."

E! said "so now tell me everything about Madonna.  You were working on that episode this week (which is a tribute to Madonna)   Chris said "yes we are."  E! said "no one's listening so just tell us."  Chris said "well we start on it at eight o'clock tomorrow morning.  And we will pretty much all week being doing Madonna and some Madonna things."  Amber agreed.

E! asked "and you're wearing the cone bra (to Chris) or you're wearing the cone bra (to Amber)?"

Amber said "I think we're both wearing the cone bra."  Chris shook his head in agreement.  Amber said "but you didn't hear it from us."

E! said "is it everything you thought it would be?  Do you think the fans will be excited about it?  Is it all the payoff that they will be hoping for?"  Chris said "I think it's that and much more.  I was totally blown away when we first got the script of this episode and I can't wait to get back to work to work on it."

E! said "good luck tonight you guys and please tell Jane Lynch that I love her."

Amber said "everyone does.  Everyone loves Jane."

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