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Jim Parsons Mourns Loss Of Ellen Mug Markings

Imagine my delight when I discovered Jim Parsons (Sheldon) was a guest on Ellen Degeneres.  I have been a "Big Bang Theory" fan since day one.  It allows me to release my inner female geekiness not to mention my secret admiration for anything geeky.

Jim Parsons seems to be a lot like Sheldon, even when he't not playing Sheldon.  I don't really care.  He's my favorite regardless.  I just wish the writers would figure out a way for Penny (Kaley Cuoco) to be together instead of her current dating status with Leonard.

Jim appeared on Ellen wearing a fashionable dusty pink long sleeve shirt with the sleeves rolled up to the elbows, a tie and brown slacks.  He walks just like Sheldon in Big Bang.

He was obviously thrilled to be on the show and started by saying "Oh my god, I just said back there, now I don't understand.  Am I coming in on Ellen's left?  And they said 'no you're coming out on her right.' So I said 'oh I'm all fixed' and then now I just turned the corner and was scared, saw nothing."  Ellen "nothing, nothing at all."

Jim continued "oh it's so nice to meet you.  Ellen "nice to meet you too, I'm sorry I frightened you."  Jim  "no, you didn't at all.  It wasn't you, it was that empty space that scared me.  Umm, we work right down the street from you each other now"  Ellen "I know."  Jim "and after you moved in or shortly thereafter, I had friends in town (and asked) could I get tickets to Ellen.  And they said 'oh we could try.'  And you did.  Thank you.  And when they came they bought me an Ellen mug.  And it's not exactly this one.  Although it's similar colors, except it's blue on the outside.  It's my favorite mug in the world but your name has washed off of it, I use it so much."

Ellen "Wow, you're really scrubbing hard."

Jim  "noooo.  I have a good machine apparently.  Right?"  Ellen "so now it's just a mug without my name on it.  It's just a regular old mug."  Jim "so I don't think"  They flashed a photo of Jim's Ellen mug with no lettering.  He said "there it is."

Ellen said "well there's a little bit of an E there."  Jim "no, that's from your screen."  Ellen "ohhh, alright"  Jim "I mean there's nothing, it's gone.  Ellen "I'll try to get you a new mug.  Maybe I'll give you one as a parting gift."

Jim "that would be very sweet of you."  He continued "you gave me underwear and a shirt back stage, thank you."  Ellen "I'll add to it."  Jim  "thank you."

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