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Former Pro Football Player Dished On Love Scenes With Actress Raquel Welch In 100 Rifles

WILLIAMSTOWN, Mass. - The NFL and its players union share the blame for failing to take care of those who retire from football damaged by its violent collisions, Hall of Famer Jim Brown said Thursday.

One day after appearing before the U.S. House Judiciary Committee for a hearing on head injuries in football, Brown said in a series of talks at Williams College that the league's failure to take care of retired players is "a crying shame."

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"The NFL, with the players association, have been an embarrassment, because the legends of the game who have run into hard times, medically and economically, have been deserted," Brown said. "It's a crying shame that an organization like the NFL does not take care of their own."

In discussing his football career Brown explained he ultimately retired after only nine seasons because "Hollywood was offering him more money, and there was the matter of appearing in a movie with sex symbol Raquel Welch"

Brown said "she (Raquel) was the finest woman on the earth, at least the magazine said she was."  Brown also dished on his famous steamy hot on-screen love scene with the red haired Raquel.  The football pro and actor noted he "was in a love scene with Welch" in "100 Rifles" which was the first interracial Hollywood coupling in history - one of many pioneering roles Jim Brown had in movies and afterward.

"That love scene was something," Brown said with his wife, Monique, in the crowd. "Because the director got confused and didn't say 'Cut!' So we kept going. I didn't tell anybody that, especially my wife. But she wasn't born at the time."

Brown said he hasn't regretted his decision to leave football even before the peak of his career, noting that he won his third NFL MVP in his final year as the "best cat in the league." He could have accomplished more, he said, "only if football's all you're talking about.

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