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Filippa Hamilton Allegedly Fired For Weight - Where's The NDA?

Ralph Lauren's firing of 'too fat' size 4 model Filippa Hamilton, 23, has raised the anger of women and body-image experts around the world.  In light of the much publicized runway model deaths over the past, people are shocked that Filippa's 120 pounds is considered "too fat."

Filippa's allegation that she was dropped by Ralph Lauren's company for not fitting into its clothes alarmed women and body-image experts alike.

What?  No NDA For Filippa?

While I'm not condoning anyone's actions on either side of this issue I have to wonder....didn't Filippa have an ironclad Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with Ralph Lauren?

Even Reality TV Stars are bound to secrecy with penalties in the millions of dollars.  If you've watched Big Brother (I'm addicted) you would hear the producers saying "you are not allowed to discuss production" along with other "you're not allowed tos."  It actually became a joke with some of the contestants.

It seems odd to me that Filippa would even be legally allowed to discuss the termination of her contract.  Especially since Ralph Lauren himself is known to be extremely protective of the inner workings of his company.

Doesn't anyone else find it odd that Filippa was not slapped with some sort of gag order or zip the lip demands from the powers that be at Ralph Lauren?

Comedian, actress and activist Jenny McCarthy spilled on Oprah back in May of 2009 after she appeared on the cover of Shape Magazine how she "got in trouble" with Shape for sharing that parts of her anatomy had been "air brushed" but Jenny was quick to point out that it was things like freckles and stretch marks.  Again, small bits of information but tidbits Shape didn't want Jenny to discuss.

Jenny did say how she got "in trouble" but it was clear it had happened.

Who doesn't have an NDA these days?  Even the dog walkers in Hollywood have to sign them.

The women of the world who have heard about what allegedly happened with Filippa are up in arms and now there are calls for boycotts of Ralph Lauren products.

Again I ask, was there no NDA in place preventing Filippa from sharing information?  If that's the case, why doesn't the public hear about all kinds of inside scandals involving the world of high fashion, modeling and body weight?

A Hoax Or Revenge?

Is this a public hoax of some sort or an attempt by Filippa to get attention for her career?  I know, I know, I sound jaded here but after all the stuff happening with David Letterman, I have become skeptical of anything I hear or read.

Finally, did a Ralph Lauren competitor or competitors have a hand in this matter?  Afterall, Ralph Lauren's lines will forever be tainted for the Filippa Hamilton "incident".

Was Filippa spilling the beans about the digitally altered model with her face as revenge for getting fired?  She told the media "I was shocked to see that superskinny girl with my face," she said.

What Does Ralph Lauren Say?

A spokeswoman for Polo Ralph Lauren said that the company cannot discuss Hamilton's situation beyond a statement that called her "a beautiful and healthy woman" and saying they "regret that our relationship has ended as a result of her inability to meet the obligations under her contract with us."  The company also said the altered image was a mistake that appeared only in a Japanese department store.

OK, well that might sound scary to me like the lawyers were meeting to figure out how to put a gag on this whole PR nightmare.  No, no one died, at least not Filippa, but the whole topic is supercharged right now.

Don't get me wrong.  I totally agree about the body image issues that are incorrectly presented to young girls with potentially tragic results.  I also agree 120 pounds is not too fat.

However, I still wonder how this all escaped into the media.  Know what I mean?

What do you think?  Was Filippa under a contract without an NDA?  Or is this an attempt to discredit Ralph Lauren and his companies?

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