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Jessica Simpson On QVC To Raise Money For Breast Cancer

The beautiful blonde performer famous for her iconic hairstyle status is filming her new VH1 show "The Price of Beauty," and recently told the press that traveling for her new show is keeping her sane.

The 29 year old Jessica Simpson appeared at the QVC "FFany Shoes on Sale" event on Tuesday, where she was raising money for breast cancer research. "I want to use my celebrity to bring awareness," Simpson told the media. "My life is full of chaos and craziness, and my grandmother had the strength to pull through and fight through cancer, so if I can use my celebrity, or my shoes, or my brand to somehow bring awareness, I am here to help."

Despite all the crazy ups and downs of late, Jessica is keeping herself distracted by working.   She said  "I've been traveling all over the world lately and I've worn caftans, I've been a geisha - I never thought I would wear those things, and I feel beautiful," she said. "My mom or my dad, my best friend Ken (Paves) and my other best friend Cacee (Cobb) have been traveling with me for the show."

Jessica told the media "Morocco was one of my favorite places in the world. We hung out with snake charmers! I thought it was incredibly beautiful how mysterious the women were there. They have sex appeal and power about them that is extremely mysterious and very covered,"

Simpson also said "They leave a lot to the imagination, and they only work with their eyes, and your eyes are the window to your soul. The women there have had a life of soul searching and really understand who they are. Moroccan women are the most beautiful I've been in contact with."

Ken Paves also told the media about his travels with Jessica for the new reality show "Jessica actually does her own make-up for the show - it's reality!"

Ken Paves told FOX411. "I may pull her hair back in a ponytail, but she isn't doing hair and makeup. All of the countries we have visited celebrate women and their uniqueness and individuality. This definition of beauty in women is more about self and not what we do to the outside."

Next stop on the Jessica Simpson world tour? "India! I'm excited!" she said.

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