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Repair Fried, Frizzy Summer Hair with Pro Elements by RUSK

Repair Fried, Frizzy Summer Hair with Pro Elements by RUSK

(Stamford, CT 2009) As the summer winds down and our beach vacations are over, it's time to start gearing back up for Fall. Summer means sun, sand, and surf, but it also means fried, frizzy, beach-worn hair.

To help you get ready for the new season and repair the damage done by all that fun in the sun, RUSK's line of salon smoothing treatments is the perfect solution!

With ProElementsTM by Rusk, the collection of salon services that eliminates FRIZZ and SMOOTHES hair, styling is a breeze, and the pool parties, wedding luaus and beach BBQs from the summer won't leave your hair a frizzy, unmanageable mess.

(Image of ProElementsTM Kerating Smoothing Treatment by Rusk - All Rights Reserved).

ProElements by Rusk gives you three safe options which allow you to choose the level from temporary frizz relief to permanent straightening:

AnticurlTM ANTIFRIZZ is a NON-PERMANENT salon process which removes all frizz from the hair while leaving the hair's natural curl or wave. It allows for manageable curls as well as easy straightening. Lasts for 12-16 weeks.

AnticurlTM + KerashineTM is an innovative curl remover, frizz controller and anti-humectant which infuses the hair with Phytokeratin, a blend of amino acids, building strength and leaving hair with unsurpassed condition and shine. It is DEMI-PERMANENT and will allow you to achieve ‘constant control' over naturally curly, frizzy hair and drastically cut styling time allowing you to have straight hair one day and work with your curls the next. Also great for men and teens. Lasts for 12-16 weeks.

(Image of ProElementsTM Smoothing Shampoo by Rusk - All Rights Reserved).

Thermal Shiny Str8TM is a formaldehyde-free system that PERMANENTLY straightens excessively curly and wavy hair. It infuses the hair with shine, eliminates frizz and deeply conditions and strengthens with Keratin.

RUSK also is introducing a line of at-home maintenance products, ProElementsTM Haircare, which is infused with KERATIN allowing you to care properly for your treated hair. This system includes Smoothing Shampoo, Smoothing Conditioner, and Smoothing Treatment and is designed to strengthen and repair hair, while enhancing smoothness and shine.

These safe, formaldehyde-free chemical services cut down drastically on styling time, provide manageable hair, and treat the hair with protein creating beautiful, easy, shiny hair. The only thing they don't do is poolside cocktail service!

Pro Elements is available at leading salons around the world. Log on to to locate a salon near you!

(Image of ProElementsTM Smoothing Conditioner by Rusk - All Rights Reserved).

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Fashion + Culture + Attitude, Internationally renowned leader in the professional salon industry, RUSK is one of the only professional companies to provide a full range of products and tools for salons and their clients.

RUSK products allow stylists to use innovative and imaginative techniques to provide their clients everything from the latest runway looks to the next "must have" hair trend.

From DeepshineTM Hair Color and RUSK Professional Engineering tools to Sensories Professional Hair Care and the Designer Collection styling and finishing range, Rusk products are available at salons internationally, visit

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