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LashControl Mascara - ICMAD Cosmetic Innovator 2009

LashControl® Mascara - ICMAD Cosmetic Innovator 2009

LashControl® is something new and different: An innovative, squeezable mascara package that allows you to continuously regulate the desired amount of mascara product on the brush before it leaves the tube.

Simply squeeze the center portion of the tube while you remove the brush. No Glop or excess formula.

(Image of LasControl Mascara - ICMAD Cosmetic Innovator)

There are several design variations in formulation and brush style to be distinguished in the Color-Coding packaging- pink, purple, blue, red and yellow.

The squeeze-wiper color corresponds to features and benefits of the formula and brush combination. The actual color of the formula is black.

The LashControl® mascara formulas and container housing have been engineered and developed over the past 4 years by using the most well-respected manufacturers in the industry.

The product and ingredients have been successfully tested for safety, functionality, loss-of-volume, shelf life and durability. They combine botanical-based formulas and extraordinary engineering.

(Image of LasControl Mascara - Pink Formula - ICMAD Cosmetic Innovator)

Awards and Nominations:

Finalist in the HBA/Expo 2007 International Package Design Award (IPDA)

Competitor - CEW Beauty Award 2008

Winner: ICMAD Cosmetic Innovator of the Year (CITY Award) 2009 for Color Cosmetic Package Design Innovation. Click here to view materials about the CITY Awards view

LashControl® mascara is currently offered in 3 versions. New production quantities will be available November 15, 2009, and more formulas are on the way for Spring 2010!

PINK = Lengthening and Conditioning Formula

A lengthening and conditioning formula in natural black, color-coded with a pink wiper sleeve on the package. The smooth texture is gentle to the eye with ingredients including ginseng root extract, ginko biloba and chamomile flower extract - perfect for a naturally enhanced and no-smear smart look. It washes off easily with warm water

LashControl® Pink Mascara: SRP: $20 / 0.30 fl. oz

PURPLE = High Performance Luscious Brush for Immediate Volume

The second launch introduced is color-coded with a PURPLE squeeze sleeve. It provides a high-performance zig-zag brush for those who want more immediate coverage. The brush is wonderfully different and offers multiple options with every stroke.

(Image of LasControl Mascara - Purple Formula - ICMAD Cosmetic Innovator)

The fibers are formed in several complimentary and opposing arrangements while also at varying lengths and angles. LashControl calls it the "Lucious" brush.

LashControl® Purple Mascara: SRP: $20 / .30 fl. oz

BLUE = Water-resistant Sheer and Sexy Formula

The water resistant formulation is also in black and features a multi-layered cylindrical brush. The soft, sheer formulation includes many botanicals and the look it creates is "Sheer and Sexy". To remove, use very warm water, a gentle cloth and/or a light remover.

LashControl® Blue Mascara: SRP: $20 / .30 fl. oz.


Available at and select boutiques and spas on November 15, 2009.   Join the waiting list at to be the first to receive new production quantities.

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