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Are Your Lashes Batting a Thousand?

Are Your Lashes Batting a Thousand?

LashFood Launches Revolutionary New Lash Growth Products

New York, NY (March 22, 2010) - The classic line, "two heads are better than one" can be applied more and more often as the recession spurs companies to create products with added value.

From lipsticks with built in plumping serums to foundations with acne fighting ingredients, the latest beauty trends revolve around one-two punch solutions that effectively conceal and treat flaws. These dual-action beauty products have forever changed the way women purchase their cosmetics.

LashFood, a leading cosmetic brand that promotes thicker, longer and stronger eyelashes, is proud to launch their newest products: Conditioning Drama Mascara and Conditioning Liquid Eyeliner.

These new products feature the company's exclusive Nano-Peptide Technology to encourage eyelash growth and thickening while allowing women to enjoy the benefits of traditional mascara and eyeliner at the same time.

(Image of LashFood Conditioning Mascara - Courtesy of LashFood - All Rights Reserved)

"Immersed in the fast paced beauty industry, I recognize the demand for cosmetic products that serve multiple purposes," says Alex Kim, President and Founder of LashFood.

"For most women, it often seems like there's never enough time to accomplish all of our responsibilities and no one wants to sacrifice any part of their daily beauty routine. Now, with innovative LashFood products, women can replace their old-fashion mascaras and eyeliners with multipurpose ones that promote both immediate and long term results."

For optimal results, Jane Kim recommends using both products simultaneously with LashFood's Natural Eyelash Conditioner at night.

Working Double-Time

In addition to providing instantly defined and eye-catching lashes, LashFood works to promote lash growth benefits 24/7 by naturally enhancing the thickness, texture and length of the lashes with Nano-Peptide Technology serums included in every product. The products work in "double-time" to stimulate accelerated growth while simultaneously defining the eyes.

(Image of Nano-Peptide Natural Eyelash Conditioner - LashFood - All Rights Reserved)

LashFood's breakthrough natural ingredients, including Biotin, an essential vitamin, Arginine, a natural amino acid, and herbal extracts help to promote the natural growth and strength of eyelashes and eyebrows.

The result: your lashes become thicker, darker, and longer with these revolutionary products.

"TLC" For Lashes 24/7

It's the answer to every beauty diva's wish: a triumphant trio that works around the clock to lengthen and condition eyelashes. If flawed with dull and short lashes, no woman wants to choose between mascara that provides instant results versus conditioning treatments that promises long-term volume but no definition.

LashFood's revolutionary three step solution will leave each user with longer and fuller lashes in as little as two to four weeks.

Step One

AM Treatment: LashFood Conditioning Eyeliner

o LashFood's Conditioning Liquid Eyeliner provides a long lasting, quick drying and bold outlining effect to the eyes while strengthening and nourishing the roots of the lashes. The Conditioning Liquid Eyeliner is currently available in black and brown. Retail Cost: $21. / 0.13 FL. OZ.

§ Apply along base of eyelash line every morning onto clean skin every morning.

Step Two

AM Treatment: LashFood Drama Mascara

o Gives volume and length to lashes for a dramatic finish. Simultaneously, the mascara transforms frail and brittle lashes to become healthy and strong with every stroke. The Conditioning Drama Mascara is currently available in black. Retail Cost: $27. / 0.3 FL. OZ.

§ Wiggle brush starting from the root of lashes and sweep upward in smooth strokes. Re-apply, if desired, for thick and bold lashes.

Step Three

PM Treatment: NEW LashFood Natural Eyelash Conditioner

o LashFood can also be used to improve thin, over-plucked eyebrows. The natural ingredients are safe and easy to apply to the root of the brows to stimulate hair growth. Also ideal for applying under makeup in the morning. Retail Cost: $95 / 0.17 FL. OZ

§ Apply to root of eyelashes every night before going to sleep.

About LashFood (

LashFood products are natural eyelash and eyebrow conditioning stimulators that provides you with fuller, longer, darker, and stronger lashes. LashFood is formulated using the highest grade natural ingredients including Biotin, an essential vitamin, Arginine, a natural amino acid, and root and herbal extracts.

No harsh chemicals, drugs or imitation ingredients are used. All products are dermatologist tested and approved. The newest innovation of JB Cosmetics, LashFood is created by Jane Kim. JB Cosmetics is a well known cosmetic manufacturer that specializes in eyelash products and stands for sophistication and beauty.

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