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Nina Dobrev Rocks Chocolate Brunette Tresses As Elena Gilbert on Vampire Diaries

Based on the popular book series The Vampire Diaries by L.J. Smith, The CW Network has created a spin-off series which recently premiered.

The new Vampire Diaries series stars gorgeous 20 year old brunette Nina Dobrev in the career making role of Elena Gilbert.   Leading Lady Nina is an experienced actress (Degrassi) who is as beautiful as she is charming.  The character of Elena is designed to be portrayed as goodness and light in order to contrast with the dark brooding features of Stefan, her new love.  Who just happens to be a vampire.

Nina Dobrev's chocolate brunette hair contains carefully placed highlights and lowlights to add a halo of lights around her faceline, underlying the good versus evil theme built into the good girl meets dark handsome vampire.  Her below-the-shoulder long sultry tresses also contain hints of strategically placed lowlights in shades of caramel and hazelnut.

Although the original books described Elena Gilbert as a blonde, the CW has recast her as a brunette who starts off soft and timid but finds her voice and strength of character as the show unfolds.  It is possible Nina's hair will reflect the evolution of Elena and may take on different hairstyles, hues and texture as the season progresses.

According to the original story, Elena was very pretty, popular and the proverbial prom queen with a heart of gold and a secret hidden strength.

How To Steal Nina Dobrev's Long Lush Hairstyle

Nina rocks long lush tresses with a rich milk chocolate brunette based with subtle lighter caramel highlights as well as darker toffee and hazelnet lowlights.

The highlights are precisiouly placed around Nina's hairline to bring a halo of light around her beautiful face.  Her current base color showcases her eyes, skin tone and lips.

Nina's hairstyle works best for those with shoulder length or longer strands, whether natural or extended.  Her coif can be created on hair of any texture or type although it is best suited for medium thick, naturally straight hair.

Follow the steps below to steal Nina's hairstyle

1.  Cleanse hair in lukewarm water with a shampoo product designed to work best with your hair type (fine, medium, thick), texture (straight, wavy, naturally curly) and condition (healthy, damaged, chemically compromised). Consider using a shampoo for color treated hair if appropriate.

Note: If hair is dry or damaged consider diluting shampoo with warm water shaken into a suds and drizzled over pre-wet strands.

2.  Rinse shampoo well and apply rinse out conditioner from the ears to the ends based on hair type, texture and needs.

3.  Perform a cool/cold water final rinse to build in natural shine and shimmer.

4.  Towel blot and apply cocktail of leave-in conditioning and styling products consisting of leave-in conditioner, defrisant and/or mousse.  Add volumizing product to roots to encourage lift and fullness.

5.  Detangle hair working from ends to roots with a wide tooth comb and/or pick.

6.  Separate hair into 2" sections.  Use a medium wide barrel round brush (all natural boar's bristle) or a paddle brush combined with a blow dryer equipped with concentrator nozzle.  Work around the hair from side to side drying the hair stick straight except throughout the roots and crown areas.

7.  After hair is 100% dry use a hair friendly straightening iron to remove any unwanted texture, bumps or wrinkles in 2-3" sections of hair.   Use straightening iron to turn ends under for a few seconds to fine tune the look.

Note: If you prefer, use large hot rollers and set hair is large barrel curls.  Allow them to cool completely and then brush with a boar bristle paddle brush to achieve straight strands with movement.

8.  After hair is styled to your desired straightness and root volume levels apply a few drops of shine serum, spray or similar to the palms of your hands and massage well.  Swipe shine infused palms lightly over top of finished hairstyle.

9.  Finish with an optional shine enhancing spray and accessories with skinny headbands, jeweled clips or small barrettes.

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