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North American Hairstyling Awards 2010 - Entries Due By February 8, 2010

After recently spending one week in Las Vegas roaming the halls at Cosmoprof09 and attending NAHA 2009 it was my humble opinion that every professional hairdresser should participate in both events, at least once in their career lifetimes.

Why?  It will push the boundaries of your hair career to the next level.

Note: To read about the 2009 Avant Garde NAHA winner refer to: Dallasite Darian Bishop

(Image of Fashion Forward winning NAHA 2009 Entry by Faatemah Ampey from St. Paul, MN - Photographer: Buck Holzemer - Courtesy of PBA - All Rights Reserved).

Although I had been writing about and viewing images of NAHA (North American Hairstyling Awards) winners for years, it was literally exhilarating to personally experiment the excitement and energy pulsating through the audience in attendance at the actual awards show.

I honestly don't believe you can attend a NAHA ceremony and not take away a renewed love of hairdressing.  I don't even work behind the chair and I left the 2009 awards with a more passionate appreciation of what professional hairdressing offers to the world.

After attending NAHA2009 I have been encouraging every hairdresser I know to get busy and submit their entries for 2010.  It's never too early to begin to conceptualize, plan and practice for creating your entry.  Keep in mind that for 2009 over 600 hairdressers submitted entries.   Some NAHA winners will tell you that it took them many tries to win a NAHA.  Others might win on their first attempt.

It doesn't really matter whether you win your first time out of the box or after multiple tries.  Winning NAHA is an amazing career booster plus the very act of working on a NAHA application will make you a stronger and more insightful hairdresser from the experience.

If you have never entered NAHA or a similar hairdressing competition, you can get help with a newly updated DVD which can be purchased from the Professional Beauty Association (PBA).   The DVD is titled "How to Do a Successful Photo Shoot and Win a NAHA v2.0".

You will get all the information you need to enter and win NAHA 2010!

From concept generation to model selection to coordinating the shoot, you'll learn what it takes to hear your name called in Vegas. This comprehensive DVD explores how to put together a winning NAHA entry and includes brand new footage.

In version 2.0, join Allen Ruiz, NAHA 18 Hairstylist of the Year, as he gives advice on how to master the Fashion Forward category. Also, get tips from a professional fashion stylist on how to get the best looks for your photo shoot and view live footage from the Latino Fashion Group's photo shoot!  Download the order form and fax to 480.905.0708. Or call 800.468.2274 x3434 (480.455.3434).

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