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Big Brother 11: Michele Said Chima's Friendship Was Not Half A Million Dollars

In tonight's Big Brother Show (Tuesday, August 18th) Michele is the current Head of Household (HoH) and she puts Natalie and Chima up on the Eviction Block as her two HoH nominees.

Michele told Chima she nominated her "I would like to be in the Final Two and I don't see you taking me."  She told Natalie "someone had to be in the other slot".

Pictured: Chima, 32 yrs, of West Hollywood, CA. Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS ©2009 CBS Broadcasting, Inc.,. All Rights Reserved)

In the Diary Room (DR) Michele explains why she put Chima up on the block.  She told the DR cameras "even though I really like Chima as a person in the end I just have to keep my mind straight and remember that I'm in the Big Brother House to win 1/2 million dollars.  I don't think my friendship with Chima is worth $500,000 dollars."

Chima was furious.  She said to Natalie and Lydia about Michele "I've done nothing but be kind to her in this game."  Lydia said "What The F***?"  Natalie told Chima "she (Michele) just did what they told her to do."  Chima pointed out that she had extended herself to Michele and now she screwed her.

Michele said after going back to the HoH room with Jordan, Jeff and Russell "she will go around telling everyone - like you're her friend, you're her friend, she will back stab you all."  Jordan said "she's one of the strongest" people here.

(The Houseguests engage in a challenge for Head of Household on BIG BROTHER, Thursday, July 9 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT), on the CBS Television Network. Pictured (l-r): Michele, Ronnie and Chima Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS ©2009 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved)

Jeff and Russ said Chima was one of "the biggest bitches."  Jeff said "she's a nightmare."

Jordan said "one of them has to go, preferably Chima, they are the biggest group of whiners I've ever met.  They complain constantly.  I think they're rude.  The list just completely goes on."

Chima, Kevin, Lydia and Natalie got together in the Red Room and Chima told them she was going to "I'm so pissed, I know you guys don't want me to but I want to go home."  She was furious that she was on the block and she blamed Michele.  She said "I mean I've had nothing but her back the whole time."  Chima said "I've kept my word to everyone in this house. I kept her off the block when she came to me."  She said "a complete stab in the back."

Kevin begged "Chima never quit." He explained that if Chima left it would hurt their team because she wouldn't be in the Jury House and couldn't vote for any of them still left.

(Pictured (l-r): Michele, Ronnie and Chima of the original Brains Clique - Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS ©2009 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved)

Chima said "I'm not giving them the satisfaction of voting me out of this house."

Chima Acting Out Leading To Her Eviction From Big Brother 11 House

Big Brother announced "Chima please put on your microphone." Chima ignored the voice.  Natalie asked Lydia to go get her microphone.  Chima said "no don't, serious."  The voice came on again and said "Chima please put on your microphone."

Big Brother shows clips of Chima breaking so many rules including refusing to go to the DR room when called, giving Big Brother the finger, throwing her microphone into the hot tub and then refusing to go and get another microphone.  It also showed Chima covering up the camera with a blanket.

Jordan said "Chima is a Diva and she's been breaking the rules since Day One and she acts like the rules don't apply to her."

Lydia said, about Chima throwing her microphone into the hot tub "Chima grabs her mic, turns around and just chucks it and Kevin, Natalie and I were like nooooooo.  We were mortified, that's a big no-no."

(Pictured (l-r): Russell and Chima have a shouting match. Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS ©2009 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved)

Jeff said "other people in the house were saying Chima please put on your microphone, her friends were telling her to put on her microphone and they had to convince her to put it on and she just didn't want to do it."

Even after Kevin brought Chima her microphone she put it on only to immediately take it off again.  But first she said into the mic "you guys can suck ****."

Chima said as she laid on her bed in the Red Room "I'm just defeated.   I don't give a F*** anymore.  You notice how they haven't called me.  I'm not going anywhere."  Natalie said "you're not defeated, don't say that.  Don't let those people defeat you. You got to go in."

Lydia explained there is a door out of the house if she so chooses.  Chima said "there is an exit isn't there.  If I leave the house I'm out."

(Pictured (l-r): Michele, Ronnie and Chima Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS ©2009 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved).

Big Brother called out "Chima please go to the Diary Room".  Chima called out "nooo I'm not coming.  Arggghh. Can you hear me when I say that?" She continued "the whole week was like ha ha look at Chima she thinks she's running things ...she's not. I'm going to cause all kinds of havoc this week."

Big Brother said "please go to the Diary Room."  I'm not coming to the Diary Room, did you not hear me?  You can come up here and talk to me personally.  I'm not coming.  How about you guys come out here.  Let's see some faces.

Chima's Chant - I'm Not Coming - To Diary Room

The Big Brother voice changed and a woman said "hey Chima" she said "I'm not coming."  The the Big Brother woman said "Chima, it's Allison" (Allison Grodner the Executive Producer of Big Brother) Chima kept repeating "I'm not coming, I'm not coming."  Allison said "I hear what you're saying, I need you to come, I need you to the Diary Room right now  so please do that OK?"

Chima got out of bed to go to the Diary Room and said "I'm tired of being talked to.  Lydia said "it'll be fine honey."  Chima's last words were "whatever."

Chima walked into the Diary Room where Big Brother was waiting for her and they told her "no need to sit down.  Go out this way."

At that point Chima was out of Big Brother.  There was no more Chima.

Kevin said "The House was completely put on pause."  Kevin said he had a gut feeling Chima was not coming back.

(Pictured (top l-r): Lydia, Casey, Ronnie, Jordan, Braden, Jeff (bottom l-r): Chima, Laura, Russell, Kevin, Natalie Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS ©2009 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.)

Executive Producer of Big Brother, Allison Grodener, Makes Announcement About Chima

Executive Producer of Big Brother, Allison Grodener, then made an announcement to the remaining House Guests "it was very clear Chima did not want to follow the rules of the game.  Tonight she made the decision to willfully destroy her microphone a piece of production equipment that you are all very much much aware is a very big violation.  For this reason and because of multiple rule violations she needed to be expelled."

Lydia spoke up and asked "do we need to pack up her stuff?" That was the end of Chima in Big Brother 11.  Her picture turned gray.

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