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Custom Diamond Eyewear Sparkles At Jonny Vavas

New Line of Custom Diamond Eyewear Proving Popular

(Atlanta/Los Angeles) They are a unique line of custom diamond sunglasses that are getting the attention of more and more celebrities and consumers alike.

Designer Jonny Vavas of Vavas Diamond Eyewear has introduced a signature line of hand created diamond sun glasses that range from sporty to luxurious and everywhere in between.

(VAVAS Model Sibila wearing Vavas Aviacao JV28 - To see these sunglasses go to: - All Rights Reserved).

What makes these sunglasses truly unique are exclusivity -- only 60 pair are created per month for sale. The frames are hand signed by Jonny Vavas himself and no two are ever the same.

Vavas Diamond Eyewear are creative and elegant with each set of glasses in the series christened with anywhere from 1 to 7 carats of beautiful diamonds hand-set in each pair.

The parent company, SLG Diamonds, ensures that all of the Vavas diamonds are conflict free and from U.S. Government approved origins.  All Vavas Eyewear are as effective and solid as they are beautiful - they sport UV400 protection and

shatter resistant polycarbonate lenses.

Some of the more recognized owners of Vavas Diamond Eyewear are: entertainers Verdine White of Earth Wind and Fire, and Funkmaster George Clinton; Elgin Charles of the Elgin Charles Salon of Beverly Hills; and Fashion Designers Kevan Hall and Timothy Maurice.

The Vavas Diamond Eyewear range in price from $1,200 to $10,000 and can be purchased at or by appointment from a Vavas representative:

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