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Big Brother 11 Blow-up Coming Tonight?

Tonight is the Big Brother 11 Live Show on CBS when Jeff will have the opportunity to use his Coup d'Etat powers to overthrow Chima's plan to kick Russell out of the house.

(Image of LR - Chima and Michele on BigBrother 11 from CBS - All Rights Reserved).

So many things could happen that could completely change the game.  But will it really happen or not?

If you have not been closely following Big Brother the recap is that Chima won current Head of Household (HoH) and is a woman scorned.

According to Russ, when he was Head of Household, or shortly after, Chima made a sexual move on him in the shower.  Do we really know if that actually happened or not? 

Regardless, Russell broadcast the supposed Chima action to the rest of the house.  A fight ensued between Chima and Russell with Chima vowing if she won HoH she would put Russell up on the Eviction Block.

Indeed after Ronnie The Rat was evicted Chima went on to win HoH putting Russ and Lydia up for eviction.  From that point forward Chima could speak of nothing else but her hatred for Russ and her excitement at his ultimate eviction.

Chima rallied the women (or so she thinks) and the majority of the house around her to guarantee a vote to oust Russ.

(Image of Jeff on BigBrother 11 from CBS - All Rights Reserved).

What Chima and the rest of the BB House don't know is that America bestowed a "secret power' onto Jeff, who is also my current favorite.  Jeff can use the power to overthrow Chima's planned eviction of Russ, which he very well may do.

No one in the house knows Jeff has the actual "wizard" power as they are calling it.

Jeff Saving Russell From Eviction?

Will Jeff save Russell?  I would not be at all surprised.  Why?  When Russell and Jeff were competing for the HoH the week Ronnie was evicted the two men made a deal, a Gentleman's Agreement, so to speak where they promised to support each other.  Jeff let Russell win the HoH and in exchange Russ kept his word keeping Jeff and Jordan safe.

(Image of Jeff on BigBrother 11 from CBS - All Rights Reserved).

Meanwhile Jeff is holding a grudge against Jessie and Natalie because they ostracized him from the early Athletes Clique which consisted of Jessie, Natalie, Russ and Jeff.

In one conversation without admitting he had the Coup d'Etat power, Jeff told Jordan he would love to put Jessie and Natalie up against each other for Eviction.

Meanwhile Chima has promised to go completely nuts if Russell is not sent home tonight.  She promised to make a major scene which the likes would be broadcast on TMZ and other major gossip channels.  Not only did Chima promise to go beserk but she said it for the benefit of the Big Brother watchers.

I have been watching the Live Feeds nonstop.  I have also been watching the Showtime2 recaps every night.

What do I think will happen?  I honestly don't know but if Jeff does decide to use the power I predict he will save Russell and Lydia and put up Jessie and Natalie for eviction, maybe even sending them home packing.

What would I do?  I would evict Chima.  She is dangerous and power mad.  The entire time she has been HoH she has been lording it over the rest of the House Guests and making enemies right and left.

Does she not realize that after this week they can all go after her?  Furthermore, I for one am tired of hearing about how much she hates Russell.  She needs to get over and move on.  I would evict her just to get her to stop blabbing about Russell.

Other thoughts?  I think Russell was right when he said Michele and Jeff are the two House Guests to beat.  I also think Russ is not as bad as he makes himself out to be, Jordan is a beauty and sweet as apple pie but her elevator doesn't always go all the way to the top, Lydia is fascinating, Jessie really has a crush on Lydia and not Natalie and Natalie needs to be evicted.

Your thought?  Please share them.  I am so addicted to this show it's insane.  Don't believe me?  My guy who hates reality TV told a group of our friends today that he knows more about Big Brother 11 than if he was watching the show.  Which is probably true.  I think I talk about the show in my sleep.  Now that's true addiction.

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