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Isaac Manevitz Designs Exquisite Collections For Ben-Amun

I first heard about Isaac Manevitz and Ben-Amum from Joni Cohen, who, in my humble opinion, is one of the best fashion editors in the media business.

I have known of Joni for years and had the pleasure to work with her during her reign as fashion guru at several magazines.   Joni is very modest about her exceptional talents, but I have seen the results of her labors and she is the very best.

(Image of Isaac Manevitz - Ben-Amum - All Rights Reserved).

When it comes to fashion Joni has the best eye I have ever seen.  She told me all about Isaac and his amazing company some years ago.  When Joni recommends a designer it is a guarantee of quality and exceptional creations.

The very first chance I had to meet him I did.  It was at one of the New York Markets where he was shyly holding court with his many buyers and long time fans.

Besides impeccable manners, Isaac is a charming man with brilliant design ideas.  After introducing myself and asking a few questions about his current collection, he was incredibly helpful.

He answered all of my question in great detail.  Isaac did not offer a hair accessory line but offered eye popping, mouth dropping bracelets, earrings and necklaces.

Isaac explained to me why he did not have hair accessories, which was disappointing to me because that is my true passion in the world of fashion.  However, after just five minutes of chatting with Isaac and I was completely in love with his gorgeous designs.

(Image of earrings from Ben-Amum - to buy these gorgeous earrings go to: 

Maybe because is known for hair accessories or everything hair we haven't enjoyed as much success with earrings.

Or maybe it's the fact some people want to hold the actual earrings up to their faces before making the investment.  Which can be more challenging when buying over the web.

Regardless of the reason, I sadly decided not to carry Ben's amazing collection of earrings, necklaces or bracelets.  Even still, I fondly remember meeting this incredible designer and being stunned by his amazing talent, charm and grace.

More About Ben-Amun & Isaac Manevitz

The Ben-Amun company is named after the designer's eldest son (Ben), and the King of Egypt (Isaac's homeland) named Tutankhamun.

(Image of 24k Gold Plated Bracelet with Glass stones and Austrian Crystals available from Ben-Amum online at: 

Isaac Manevitz, Egyptian-born designer for Ben-Amun, has had over 30 years of success with his exquisite line of designer fashion jewelry and belts. The company is named after the designer's eldest son (Ben), and the King of Egypt (Isaac's homeland) named Tutankhamun.

Isaac has brought his love of sculpture to his collections by working with fine, unusual materials to create unique designs that are always original and never disappoint. Working with materials such as Lucite, pewter, glass and crystal, give him the ability to make his jewelry distinct and inspirational.

His belts, made of the finest Italian leather, come to life with his beautiful casted buckles and detailing. His timeless and fresh designs continue to excite the industry and get stronger by the season.

Isaac is notorious for his ability to stay ahead of trend, which has allowed Ben-Amun to flourish in the industry in fashion editorials and celebrity closets alike. His array of collections ranging from casual to red carpet, make Ben-Amun a favorite among women of all ages and professions.

(The necklace shown to the side can be purchased directly from the Ben-Amun e-store.  Stop by and look at all of Isaac's stunning creations).

Not only is Ben-Amun popular for features in magazines, such as Vogue, Elle, NY Times, Marie Claire, but has also been a favorite on the runway.

Isaac has worked with numerous designers to accessorize fashion shows each season,such as Calvin Klein, Donna Karan, and Ralph Lauren, just to name a few.

More Information

You can buy Isaac's amazing designs from his website.  Check out his stunning brooches and pins located at: 

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