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David Spade's Fedora Hat - Channelling Brad Pitt & Covering Unruly Hair

Several weeks ago actor David Spade appeared on The Ellen Degeneres show wearing a brown leather jacket, a white shirt and jeans.

His trademark yellow blonde hair was topped by a chocolate brown fedora (which looked like it might be wool felt or similar) complete with an accent ribbon in a softer brown color.

It had that Indiana Jones look and worked to finish off his leather jacket look.  It was actually quite striking.

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Fedoras Are All The Rage

Fedoras are all the rage in Hollywood right now with both men and women.  In fact, Lauren Conrad (L.C.) from MTV's The Hills has been known to shake up her look with Fedoras.  So has some of her The Hills co-stars.  Ashlee Simpson is also know for wearing Fedora hats as are several of the hot male stars and celebrity icons.

Ellen greeted David by quizzing him about his hat.  She said as she touched his hat "now what's .....this is a new look...usually we end up looking sorta alike...our hair's sorta alike."  Indeed, Ellen and David both have similar colored blonde strands worn the same basic length in heavy layers.

David said "we're splitting finally" in response to Ellen's comments about his "new look".  Ellen said "we're growing apart" and David said "it's boy/girl."

Ellen again pointed to the hat and said "yeah, now it it.  What's happening - I haven't seen this look before."

Note: According to his Wikipedia profile David Spade is very sensitive to light. The combination of bright lights on-set and working under sunlight while filming Black Sheep caused permanent damage to his eyes. On his condition: "I have to wear a hat even indoors and flashes in particular freak me out. I even have to make them turn down the lights in the make-up trailers. I've become such a pain in the butt with this light-sensitive thing, it's a wonder they don't Just Shoot Me."

The History Of David Spade's Fedora

David said "the funny thing is - I got a hat - I got this hat like a year ago - and the problem is with a hat, if you don't wear hats, it's sorta hard to just work it in.  You know, if you're not a hat guy, so I wear it and then the second I leave my house people are like 'what's with that stupid hat dude?'  So I think it's tricky."

He continued they say (about the hat) "so it's like a code?" David said "noooooooo.  So unless you're a hat person, like if you're on American Idol and you come out with a hat on your audition, then's it's cool for the rest of your time. But in the middle...then people are why does Danny Gorky have a hat on? You know, it's hard."

Ellen agreed.  She said "yeah".

Using The Fedora To Shake Things Up

David continued to try and move off the hat topic by saying "so things are starting to happen" and Ellen took it right back to the hat.  She pointed at it again and said "so is it just Fedoras or are you doing all kinds of other hats?"  David laughed "I kinda want those little beanies (hats)...I want things to start...I want to start shaking it up you know?  Soooo"

Ellen said "aaahhaa" in agreement. David continued on the hat these "so I'm a little scared (about shaking things up)."

A Little Billie Jean

Ellen said "I like it on you...I do.....  David replied in reference to his new Fedora "it's a little Billie Jean...I don't know ...."

Note: This episode of the popular talk show appeared before the death of Michael Jackson who made hats popular in his Billie Jean phase."

Ellen said "yeah....I think you can pull it off."  David said "sometimes the hair (referring to his) isn't doing the tricks and I've gotta ya know."  Ellen replied "that's when a hat comes in handy (when hair is acting up)."

Channelling Brad Pitt

David said "Brad Pitt always wears a hat and he always looks cool sooooo.  I'm trying to head that way (Brad Pitt way)." Ellen said "I see. You're following Brad Pitt?"  David "well I have to start high, I don't want to follow Corey Feldman exactly.  But I kinda am with this."

Ellen said "nooooo" Then Ellen changed the topic and said "what's going on" and David started to talk about other topics.

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