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Shark Fin® Shears For Hair Professionals

Hairdressers and stylists who cut lots of hair on a regular basis must find the very best shears for their hands and fingers.  It is their most important tool.

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Risk Of Carpel Tunnel Nerve Damage

Not only will this cutting tool allow the hairdresser to create the very best hair cuts and styles for their clients, it will also protect from over extension of the middle finger, which reduces carpal tunnel nerve damage and other health related problems caused by improperly fitted shears.

Traditional shear design allows your hand to misalign causing dexterity strain and other pressure.

Shark Fin® shears patented handles help to properly align nerves and tendons in the professional hairdresser's hand, which can also greatly reduce the risk of tendonitis, arm pain, nerve damage, neck and shoulder pain, and back pain.

(Image of Shark Fin® Shears - All Rights Reserved - Shown To Side - 40 Tooth Non Swivel Thumb Texturizer) 

Indeed, over time, being a professional hairdresser can result in a series of physical challenges from the use of improper tools such as shears.  The Shark Fin® Shears are designed to help reduce and/or prevent these types of problems.

More Technologically Advance Shears In The World

Shark Fin® shears are some of the most technologically advanced shear in the world today!  The company has spent more than two years designing and carefully developing the shears which are specifically designed to help protect the hairdresser's hands and fingers.

The Shark Fin® shears are so unique the company has been issued patents on the Shark Fin® handle design in the United States, Canada and all of Europe. The company believes their Shark Fin® line of shears is the most ergonomically designed and most comfortable shear available at any price today.

The Patented System - SHEAR FITTM

All Shark Fin® shears come standard with a patented ShearFitTM system, offering hairdressers finger-fitting comfort with every pair of shears!

Most stylists find themselves continually fighting to grip their shears. Not with Shear Fit!  Hairdressers can add or remove special finger guards as needed to fit their fingers properly.

Shark Fin Shears come with 4-6 different guard sizes so that you can custom fit your Shark Fin® shear to fit your specific finger and thumb diameter size.

A Long Time Investment

Like everything else in the world, you get what you pay for.  Shark Fin® Shears are not inexpensive but then the hairdresser is making a long term investment in their tools, health of their bodies and protection of their fingers and hands when they purchase the very best shears like can.

Taking Good Care Of Your Shark Fin® Shears

If a professional hairdresser purchases a set of Shark Fin® shears it is very important to treat them with the utmost care.

Take care of your Shark Fin® shears and they'll take care of you.  The company advises hairdressers who purchase and use the Shark Fin® shears to take very good care of them to insure a long life for these valuable hairdressing tools.

Use Scissor Oil

Proper lubrication and blade adjustment will extend the life of the blades and reduce the amount of times that your shear will need to be sharpened. If you own a swivel shear, lubricate the swivel joint as needed.

The pros at Shark Fin® recommend you use  a cloth saturated with scissor oil to completely wipe the inside of your scissor blades after each and every cut.  This step reduces friction caused by "metal to metal" contact. This step also allows for longer lasting edges between each sharpening.

Religiously wiping the blades after each use with oil also reduces build-up of chemicals and debris.

Check Blade Tension

If you are a hairdresser who cuts hair every day it's also important to check the blade tension every single day. This allows you to relax your grip and reduces fatigue in your hand.

Check For Tiny Particles & Other Debris

Each week, carefully open your shears to a 90-degree angle, loosen the adjustment knob just enough to fit a paper towel between the pivot point and push out particles and debris.

Store In Closed Position

When you're not snipping or cutting, keep shear blades in the closed position to reduce chances of nicks and damage.

For More Information On Shark Fin® Super-Swivel Shears

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