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Big Brother 11 - Zits, Pimple Popping & Veto Power

Big Brother Pimp Popping Contest - Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS. © 2009 CBS Broadcasting Inc., All Rights Reserved

Big Brother 11 - Zits, Pimple Popping & Veto Power

By the third episode of Big Brother 11 the first two house guest nominees were revealed for possible elimination.

The first two on the block were Chima from the Brain Clique (who was put up as a pawn in the secret alliance with the athletes) and Lydia from the Offbeat Clique.

Laura's Large Chest Size

Laura was concerned she was being targeted because she was so pretty and because of her large chest size.   Laura said "its not my fault I have huge boobs."  Casey said "you can help it - you chose to get implants."

Jessie and Russell who have lost faith in their other male clique member - Jeff - approached Laura and asked her to throw her votes in with their alliance.  Russell is working hard to "take anyone out" who "gets in the path."

Braden's Winning Personality

Braden is getting the reputation for being a Zoolander style goofy personality.  Russell feels Braden is "more of a threat" because "he could definitely fly under the radar and win this game."

Meanwhile there was a challenge for the two elimination nominees - Chima and Lydia - along with three other house guests and the Head of Household (Jessie) to pop ginormous faux pimples, find letter tiles hidden inside the pimples and spell the longest word.

(Pictured: Chima Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS. © 2009 CBS Broadcasting Inc., All Rights Reserved).

The person getting the longest word which was spelled correctly would win the power of veto for the elimination.

The Veto Competition

The Veto Competition besides Jessie, Chima and Lydia included Russell, Natalie (picked by Chima) and Jeff.

The Host for the Veto Competiton was Casey.  The Brain clique could not figure out why Chima picked Natalie when she had a choice and didn't pick one of her clique mates.

Each one of the competitors had 10 minutes to pop the gigantic pimples which were disgusting looking and reportedly foul smelling like cheesy eggs.

Jeff was suspected by a lot of the house guests of throwing the competition with trying to spell the word technotronics, but not succeeding in a crazy way.

Jeff appears to have a thing for pretty blonde Jordan which is upsetting the rest of the athletic clique since she's in a different group.

Words Spelled By Contestants

Jessie spelled the word "continuously" which was misspelled with a missing "u". Natalie spelled "last" and Chima spelled "superficiality" but with some of the letters missing.  Russell spelled "shotgun" and Jeff spelled "technotronics"  with letters missing. Lydia spelled "civilization" with letters missing.

(Pictured: Lydia Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS. © 2009 CBS Broadcasting Inc., All Rights Reserved).

Russell - The Shotgun Love Muscle

Russell actually played the game the best by grabbing the letters and putting them into his bucket, waiting until the end, to spell the word (shotgun) he had in mind.

Russell won the first power of veto (POV) after popping the most pimples to put together the longest correctly spelled word which was shotgun.

He told the camera "you can now refer to me as Shotgun Russell The Love Muscle" because I'm "2 for 2" in the competitions and "I'm taking this house apart."

He then got all riled up with Jeff.  Russ said "Jeff is about as useful as a bag of marbles." The two had words out in the yard and Russell told Jeff he was not "good at anything" in "this place."

Jeff And Natalie Quarrel

After Russell attacked Jeff in the yard he attacked Natalie.  Jeff asked why he was being targeted?  Jeff asked what he had done and why he was out of the loop?  The handsome jock wanted to know why Russell came at him?  Jeff said "everybody hates me."

Natalie got back in Jeff's face and told him he wasn't being a team player.  Natalie told Jeff he was "free and clear" and didn't have any blood on his hands and his "hands are free"  and he's "just trying to slide his way through without out putting any blood on his hands."

Jeff told Natalie he didn't like her and he didn't like Russell.  Jeff also said he wanted off the Athletic Team.  Jeff told Natalie to shut up and accused her of making up stories.  Natalie said that if they could have selected Jeff to go home they definitely would have put him up.  She threatened Jeff and said they would get that straightened out.

Big Brother Season 11 Complete Cast

Natalie's Nickname Is Scrappy

When Lydia confronted Natalie about why she put her on "the block" to kick her off.  Natalie told Lydia "she doesn't lie"  and she did put her on the block.

Lydia is working hard to get Jessie, Natalie and Russell to redirect their targets so that she is off the chopping block.

The new target?  Braden.  Natalie, Jessie and Russell are deciding to take Lydia off the block and putting Braden on the block.  They are worried about Braden thinking he is very dangerous and needs to be taken out.

Meanwhile, the guys on the Athletic Teams are calling Natalie "Scrappy" and Natalie, Jessie and Russell have all ganged up against Jeff since they've tagged him as completely useless.

Everything Changes Every Day

One thing is becoming very clear about the Big Brother game.  It changes hour to hour and day to day.  Russell who was originally out to get Lydia was later shown rubbing her legs in a loving way.  He appears to be softening his position against her and flipping his position to focus on getting Braden kicked out of the house.

It is insane watching the back stabbing and flipping back and forth of who will be kicked out of the house.

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