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Hugg-A-Planet Educational Learning Tools

While the United States is going Green there is more awareness of taking care of our planet.  Not only from the viewpoint of hair and beauty products, but even in the toys we give to our children.

Moms and Dads should consider the Hugg-A-Planet line of line of environmentally friendly, soft, educational toys based on the Earth, USA, Moon, Mars, and constellations.

(Image shown - Baby Hugg-A-Planet Earth - All Rights Reserved).

Hugg-A-Planet's friendly learning tools are a wonderful hands-on reference to help children understand world geography, events, and environmental stewardship.

Children can begin learning with Hugg-A-Planet as infants and as toddlers, they'll enjoy playing simple recognition and memory games with their parents, or just exploring the colorful details and maps. It's a real globe that's soft and always approachable.

For teens and adults, Hugg-A-Planet provides an excellent and fun reference for world events, and unusual gifts for those that are eco-friendly, support peace, are geography and map buffs, or simply as a comfy way to snuggle up with while watching TV. Hugg-A-Planets have also become popular in hospitals, schools and peace education programs.

The Television & Film industry loves Hugg-A-Planet too! Set designers for more than a dozen popular movies and TV shows have incorporated these colorful globes in their sets including contemporary scenes.

Hugg-A-Planet's line can be customized as corporate gifts and promotional use. Creating memorable items for organizations to literally put their mark on the world! Many of the toys are assembled in the United States. Shell made from 100% cotton, fill recycled material garment trade processed toy stuffing.

Advantages Of Hugg-A-Planet Educational Learning Tools

1. Teaches environmental stewardship to children at a young age. Helps get kids to care about the planet they live on during their formative years.

2. Makes the next road trip a time for family fun. Learn about our country with the Hugg America. Use the detailed maps with labeled state capitals and national parks to play fun guessing games as you're travelling down the highway.

3. The perfect gift for little astronauts! Hugg-A-Planet, Mars is the most complete map of the red planet available anywhere. Treat your future space explorers to the detailed wonders mapped out and compiled by various mars rover expeditions.

The Hugg-A-Planet Collection

Hugg-A-Planet, Earth -' most popular item, features more than 600 distinct places for play and hands on reference. Hugg-A-Planet, Earth is also available in French and Spanish and comes in several sizes:

The Pocket Planet - The Classic 12" planet comes with a handy pouch to store anything from small toys to the television remote control.

Super Hugg-A-Planet - The Super Hugg-A-Planet expands the popular design of the Hugg-A-Planet, Earth into a large soft globe more than two feet in diameter. The Super-Hugg-A-Planet features more than 600 distinct places and would make a comfy seat for small children.

Hugg-A-Planet, Mars - The most detailed globe of Mars available anywhere! More than 400 places are labeled, with locations of past Mars landings and the recent Rover expeditions. Mars is proportional to the Hugg-A-Planet Earth and comes with a fact sheet about the red planet.

Hugg-A-Planet, Moon - The Earth and moon go hand-in-hand! Study the complex lunar landscape and landing sites for NASA and Russian expeditions, as well as the differences between the near and far sides of earth's closest star. 4-inch size. 100 places labeled.

Hugg America® - This soft fabric geographically correct model of the USA features all 50 states, more than 400 cities, postal codes, national parks, rivers, lakes and mountain ranges making it a wonderful toy for long road trips, classrooms or home where kids can easily learn their city's relationship to the rest of the country. Alaska and Hawaii are shown to scale on the back of the Hugg America, the only toy that does this with a map of the USA.

Where is it?

Hugg-A-Planet's toys are available online at

or by calling 800-332-7840.

What Else?

Hugg-A-Planet's Organic Foundlings® are another unique toy, in fact, called "Earth's Purest Toys," the Foundlings are America's first toy created with 100% organic, pesticide free cotton. Features embroidered eyes to ensure safety. This line includes foundlings in the shape of rabbits, elephants, puppies, turtles, whales and a traditional teddy bear.

Hugg-A-Planet has won numerous awards including:

The Parents Choice Classic Award - Best New Product

The Parents Choice Silver Honor

Winner of the Oppenheim Blue Chip Award

The National Parenting Center Award

Redbook Top Ten Award

Family Circle Top Ten Award

Better Homes & Garden - Good Housekeeping Award

National Geographic Traveler - Best Holiday Gifts

Woman's Day - Best Toys for Growing

Associated Press - Top Holiday Gifts

Gannet Newspapers - Best Picks

International Environmental Group - Editors Choice

White House Easter Egg Roll - Best Booth

Toy Tips - Best Product of the Year

Family Fun - Top Toy

McMag - Top Ten

Wall Street Journal - Top Toy

Early Childhood News - Best Toy

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