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Cosmoprof 2009 Pro Hair Show - Badge Hijackers - Latest In Scam Artists?

If you've been reading my blog about my trip to Las Vegas and Cosmoprof 2009 you already know I was accosted on the plane ride out here by a woman and her son who tried to hijack my pre-paid and pre-assigned seat.

Other than the ongoing problems with LoLos and a worsening crack in my tooth, the trip has been a great success with lots of amazing interviews and reviews of new hair and beauty products.  I figured the strangeness was over until this afternoon around noon when I was approached by a woman standing near the Cosmoprof 2009 badge registration and entry area.

The cost for full entry into Cosmoprof 2009 was $60 per person for one day or $110 for all three days.  Furthermore, you need to have the appropriate credentials since this is a professional beauty and hair event.

Imagine my dismay when I was approached by this woman who asked me if "I was finished attending the conference today and could she have my badge."  What?  Did I hear that correctly?  At first I was shocked because no one had ever asked me for that before, and I have attended a lot of trade shows in my life.

Did she really want me to give her my badge so she could sneak in?  Yes, it definitely seemed to be her plan. Even worse, her male companion appeared to want the badge of my associate.

Of course I politely declined her generous offer to relieve me of my badge but it gave me pause for thought.  Is this something that happens all the time and I am just too naive to imagine it?  Is badge hijacking like crashing weddings or other events without an invitation or a ticket?  Or is this just an anomaly that happened to me?

Maybe because times are tough people are looking to cut corners or maybe the couple were beauty spies wanting to sneak into a professional convention.  I guess I will never know for sure but it's definitely something to keep your eyes out for if you ever attend a similar type of event.

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