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Paul Mitchell Beauty Schools Offer More Than Hair

One of the best experiences of my life, was attending a Paul Mitchell The School located here in Texas.

At the school I attended along with all of the Paul Mitchell The Schools, the students are referred to as "future professionals" which is a welcome title to carry.

(Image of Paul Mitchell the school in Cosa Mesa, California - Paul Mitchell - All Rights Reserved - 2009).

Paul Mitchell schools don't just focus on teaching students about hair.  Many of the schools also offer courses for aesthetic students which my school did.

Note: If you wish to consider attending Paul Mitchell the school visit this link to find a school that works for you.

Although many things impressed me during my time at Paul Mitchell, one thing that touched me deeply was the encouragement by the school to participate in community outreach and philanthropy programs.

(Image of  Paul Mitchell The School Advanced Academym Casselberry Florida - Paul Mitchell - All Rights Reserved)

One weekend a group of cosmetology students went to a homeless shelter and did haircuts for the shelter's guests, men, women and children.   We also did complimentary hair cuts and styles for military families whose men were overseas.  We were encouraged to expand our knowledge along multicultural lines and were always taught to think "green".

Hair which is cut is collected and used to make mats to sop up environmental oil spills.  Students are also encouraged to participate in various Paul Mitchell competitions to learn about doing fashion hair.

(Image of Paul Mitchell the school - Paul Mitchell - Memphis, Tennessee - All Rights Reserved)

Special seminars cover career paths ranging from working behind the chair to doing platform demonstrations to becoming a world class stylist.   We also learned running a salon from managing product inventory to how to properly sterilize equipment.

Students of all ages train at the school ranging from those who just finished high school to older students who are changing careers.  Every student is made to feel important regardless of their age, sex, race, background and ultimate career goals.

I was surprised when I first attended Paul Mitchell because if felt more like I was attending a type of college rather than a traditional beauty school as I knew them to be.

(Paul Mitchell the School - Provo - Paul Mitchell - All Rights Reserved).

The Paul Mitchell corporation takes great pride in offering all of their students at all of their schools around the country the very best possible training.

Many of the Paul Mitchell facilities are huge.  The Paul Mitchell The School near Bartlett, Tennessee is located in a gorgeous 18,000 square-foot facility which is a former grocery store remodeled at the cost of $1.4 million.  At my school we were required to wear black but we could accessorize appropriately with colors, which we all did.  It was fun to accessorize our black uniforms.

When I advise hair consumers who have tight hair care budgets to visit a Paul Mitchell the school for hair care, I honestly don't believe they are making a sacrifice over visiting a regular salon.

(Image of The Academy Waukesha - Paul Mitchell - All Rights Reserved)

Why?  The Paul Mitchell Schools are often plush and the skills of the students are often better, in my humble opinion, than some regular hairstylists.

The reason?  The students at Paul Mitchell are pushed hard to learn the latest and great state-of-the-art hairdressers.  When you get a hair cut, hairstyle or chemical treatments at a Paul Mitchell School, your student will be closely supervised by their teachers and their fellow students.

Paul Mitchell has what is known as The Honors Program.  When you are in The Honors Program this means you are one of the elite students.

If you request a Honors Student you are getting the best of the best in the school.  Even still, they will be supervised closely.

(Image of Paul Mitchell The School - San Diego - Paul Mitchell - All Rights Reserved)

The best part of going to a Paul Mitchell school for services is the prices.

They are often much more affordable then even budget priced hair salons.  Although the pricing varies by individual schools and different geographical locations, in some cases you can get a hair cut, wash and blow dry for $12-15.

In today's tight economy you may not have to give up your highlights.  Instead, check into having highlights, lowlights or other chemical hair services (perms, straightening) at a Paul Mitchell school to determine if you can work the economical charges into your budget.

Keep in mind that in some locations the Paul Mitchell schools also offer skin care related services as well.  Be sure to inquire whether you can also receive a facial or other skin care services as well.

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