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Facial Hair Now Allowed For Male Teachers In Mesquite, Texas

As reported today - Sunday, June 14, 2009 - by Twitter of The Dallas Morning News, male teachers in the Mesquite, Texas school district will be allowed to have facial hair for the next school year.

Why do I care?  Mesquite is a suburb of Dallas and I have known about the no facial hair ban for awhile.  Actually, as Karel points out, "after years of discussion and many committee meetings, the school board finally approved the change at a meeting last week".

(A contemporary beard style trimmed short, portrayed by Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales.  From Wikipedia Commons - All Rights Reserved).

Why has the facial hair tide turned in the Mesquite school district? As reported by Karel, "It just seemed like the time," said Lanny Frasier, assistant superintendent for personnel. He said the decision could help recruit and keep teachers."

And were there any changes in facial hair for female teachers?  No.  However, there are a few small clothing changes although flip flops and Crocs are still prohibited.

Mr. Frasier reported that the district's professional-dress committee worked to word the facial hair policy so that the teachers still would have a professional, neat appearance.

He noted "the biggest concern was that men would just jump out of bed, decide not to shave and come to school with that "5 o'clock shadow" look", Frasier said.

As a result, the policy says that facial hair must be fully grown before school starts or after a long holiday, such as winter break.

With the policy being changed over Summer break it gives male teachers in Mesquite a chance to grow their beards now.

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