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Phthalate Free Healthy Fragrance - Fleur D'Amour - Sophisticated & Romantic


Sophisticated and romantic, Fleur d'Amour, the new scent by Sylvie Beljanski, makes the ideal gift for any woman who wants to treat herself with distinctive elegance.

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In step with the Beljanski approach to health and beauty, Fleur d'Amour allows women to indulge in a safe, phthalate-free way with a combination of French sophistication and technological innovation.

"I believe that a woman's beauty routine should be toxin-free, because putting toxins in your body will make you neither healthy nor beautiful. A natural beauty routine will make you feel good inside and out," said Fleur d'Amour's creator Sylvie Beljanski. "Fleur d'Amour was created for the woman wants to do everything she can to maintain a healthy routine - and include a final indulgence."

Created for today's woman, Fleur d'Amour is a light, refined and subtle floral fragrance containing Mediterranean citruses, luxurious woods and rich musk. Created by Sylvie Beljanski in conjunction with the noted French perfumer Jean Pierre Subrenat, Fleur d'Amour is distinctively French and is created for today's most demanding and sophisticated woman.

Top notes include sweet bergamot mixed with bourgeons de cassis; middle notes include lily of the valley, Moroccan jasmine, pink peony, and bulgarian rose; and bottom notes include white amber mixed with modern musks, Australian sandalwood and a drop of vanilla from Madagascar. The fragrance is available in a perfume, candle and soap.

The perfume is packaged in an elegant bottle with a red rose cap designed by the French company Pochet. Its decoration was designed by the young and talented Floriane Pic. Both the bottle and decoration reflect the femininity of the scent.

In addition to the perfume, the Fleur d'Amour scent is available in a soy candle and soap, both hand poured and cut. The soap contains only natural ingredients, including saponified oils of olive, coconut and palm kernel, spring water, goat milk, fragrance, beeswax and vitamin E.

The candles are created in an artisan tradition, utilizing the old method of individual craftsmanship, and there is no metal-colored wicking. All of the products are phthalate-free, environmentally conscious and sophisticated at the same time.

"Fleur d'Amour has a therapeutic power on the senses and psyche," said Sylvie Beljanski. "In addition to its elegance, Fleur d'Amour inspires harmony of the body and mind. It is a long lasting fragrance that will stand out in everyone's memory."

The Fleur d'Amour eau de parfum retails for $60 for a 50 ml bottle. Five dollars from the sale of each bottle will be donated to cancer research.

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