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CEWipe Your Hands, Feet, Face With 100% Natural Cotton Wipes

Cherish the souls of your feet, the touch of your hands, and the smile on your face by treating them with the utmost respect with a Jamar Labs creation ­ ŒWipe your hands, ŒWipe your Feet, ŒWipe your Face - the only 100% natural cotton foot wipes and one of the only 100% natural cotton hand and face wipes that are powered with natural cleansing and moisturizing ingredients.

(Image from Jeremy Doorten - All Rights Reserved)

Symbiotically wipe away bacteria, dirt and germs while treading gently on your body as well as the earth. Jamar wipes don't contain potentially harmful agents such as Paraben and phthalate -- two chemicals used in many commercial wipes.

And, Jamar labs products are all biodegradable, allowing less of a carbon footprint.

We can't wipe every surface we come in contact with, but we can wipe our hands, face, and feet. The products were designed to clean, moisturize, and fight germs while remaining environmentally friendly, easy to use, convenient, and low maintenance.

Jamar Labs wipes are 100% biodegradable and flushable (they do not increase our carbon footprints) and they include ingredients that are naturally safe and a pleasure to use.

Jamar Labs wipes are safe for your whole family, including pets.

You can learn more about Jamar Labs and purchase ŒWipe Your Hands, ŒWipe Your Feet and ŒWipe Your Face at

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