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Twitter - Why I Follow All Who Follow Me

Yes, I have a LinkedIn Account.  I also have a Facebook and Myspace account.  I have traveled through Squidoo and Digg and all the major social networks including YouTube.  When it comes to Twitter I am hopelessly hooked.  Addicted is probably the best description for my feelings for Twitter.  it is the first thing I check every morning and the last thing I check before I go to bed.

As the months have rolled by for my Twitter usage I have evolved just as I was told I would in the early days.  When I first joined Twitter I was starstruck and followed every imaginable celebrity.  I was on Ashton's, Demi's and Ellen's Twitter threads.  But as I became aware of the great power of Twitter to connect with real people with similar business and other philosophies I changed my follow patterns.

After I stopped following celebrities completely, I started only following hair, beauty, fashion, nails and related Twitter sites.  However, while I still focus on those Twitter topics, I have learned that the power of Twitter is to connect with new people from different backgrounds, business models and philosophies.  I can not begin to tell you how much meeting a wide range of Tweeple has broadened my thinking about business, life and the Web.

Now, I follow anyone who follows me.  I don't just passively follow.  No, I do my very best to interact.  While I never send automated Direct Messages thanking my new followers, I do make it a point to thank them on my Twitter thread or mention them on #FollowFriday, #Thankful Thursday or #WonderfulWednesday.  I also ReTweet for them when asked and respond to their treads whenever possible.  I also stop and look at their websites to try and understand what they are all about.

There are many Follow Cheaters on Twitter.  Follow Cheaters sign up for an autoFollow program that just randomly dumps new Followers into their Twitter threads.  There is a hair salon on the NorthWest Coast that has a very small web presence but does Follow Cheating and has more follows than HairBoutique, which is about 25 times larger.  However, I feel honor in the fact our follows are genuine.

That is not my style to do Follow Cheating.  While I do follow all who follow me, I do not subscribe to the Follow Cheat software nor do I just ignore the follows as they occur.  I stop and pay attention to every new follow and try to learn about them.  How can I learn and grow as a website, a Social Networker, a human being, if I don't take the amazing opportunity to learn from all who follow me and share their wisdom.

I also try to feature some of my FollowFriends in my blogs.  I have several blogs to write about the amazing TwitterFollowers I have met and who have helped me in such tremendous ways.

Now maybe you understand why I am so addicted to Twitter.  It is an amazing lifeline for a crazed workaholic like me.  Yes, I freely admit I am addicted to work except that I recognize how addicted I am and what I need to do to find some balance in my life.  I do make time to eat healthy and sleep at least 8 hours a day.  I also exercise and I Tweet for fun.

If you are not on Twitter, I strongly encourage you to consider it.  Of course everyone on Twitter has to find their own way.  While some Twitter folks will do FollowCheating, I am going to honor my own Follow methodology and welcome all who find their way to and take them as a wonderful gift from the Universe.

I am also going to add my follows one at a time based on my own journey through Twitter threads and recommendations from my current Tweeple on who are great people to follow.

For More Information

Please follow me on Twitter at  I will follow you back.  Please take the time to let me know all about you and your Twitter profile or email me and introduce yourself to [email protected].  I do my very best to answer all personal emails.

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Please follow us on Twitter at: I look forward to meeting new people from all walks of Twitter and learning from their Tweets.

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