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Miss USA Spells Trouble For Trump

So what is it about Miss USA?  Some people have a hard time distinguishing the difference between Miss America and Miss USA.  However, the differences are vast.

First of all, Miss America is definitely low key and relatively scandal free compared to Miss USA.  Donald Trump and his organization actually own and operate the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants.  They are completely separate from Miss America.

(Image of Miss USA 2007 Tara Conner - - All Rights Reserved).

OK.  Now that we've settled the fact Miss USA and Miss America have absolutely no connection or similarities, I have to ask what's up with Miss USA.  If you remember, there was a controversy a few years ago with Miss USA 2007, Tara Conner.

No, the problem wasn't that she had gained too much weight, or had posed nude (or not that we know) but she was exposed for her inappropriate use of alcohol and drugs.  It was quite the scandal for Mr. Trump who had to deal with a lot of scrunity over how he was going to handle Tara. 

Whether you agree with how he resolved the Tara Conner situation or not, she did go off to rehab and that was the last we heard of her bad girl hijinks.  At least lately.

Now there is another huge uproar about Miss USA with the current Miss California, Carrie Prejean who spoke out against gay marriage to the openly gay judge, Celeb Blogger Perez Hilton.   The media has gone crazy with the incident and continues to report on it.  Again The Donald is on the hot seat about Miss USA.  Granted she is not the winner, but still, the new Miss USA has sort of gotta lost in the shuffle of the Perez Hilton uproar.

You have to wonder if the Miss USA pageant has a curse on it somehow or the Feng Shui or astrological indicators for the starting of the franchise was tainted in some way.

Last year Miss USA seemed to go off with a hitch.  Maybe problems only occur in odd years.  Who knows for sure, but don't you wonder?  I certainly do.  I also feel sorry for Donald Trump because again he has a PR mess to untangle.  Maybe he should have his Celebrity Apprentice Teams compete to see who can write the best release for him to soothe the media and the Miss USA fans.

Stay tuned.  In this world anything can happen.

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