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Mel Gibson's Other Woman Is Revealed

There's been a lot of buzz about the "other women" in the Mel-Robyn Gibson divorce.  After lots of digging a source told PEOPLE Magazine that Mel's hidden hottie is Oksana Grigorieva, 39, an ex-love of former James Bond star Timothy Dalton.

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As the details about Oksana have unfolded, it turns out she has already been living in a house linked to Mel Gibson, 53.  It also has been revealed she is a Russian singer signed with Mel's Icon Records label.  Supposedly Oksana has been spending quite a bit of time with Mel, even joining him on a family vacation to Costa Rica.

Public records actually indicate Oksana Grigorieva has lived in a house in Sherman Oaks, California which is part of an ownership trust administered by the Chief Financial Officers of Mel Gibson's production company, Icon.

Neither Mel nor Oksana will comment on whether or not they have a relationship but Oksana appears to be the same women photographed on Mel's latest film, Edge of Darkness.  The same woman was seen with the actor in Costa Rica.

PEOPLE reported that her former agent, Victor Kruglov, said Oksana is a composer who is dedicated to her craft.  He told PEOPLE "She'll never give up with her music,"because "she loves it."  Kruglov has seen photos of the mystery woman with Mel and believes it is indeed Oksana.

He did say "she was always very discreet about her personal business" and rarely confide in him about her love life.  He also said she has one son with 69-year-old Timothy Dalton, Alexander, who is based in Los Angeles.

Since Mel and his wife Robyn did not have a pre-nuptial agreement before their marriage it is expected that Robyn will receive an astronomical divorce settlement, as much as half of all of Mel's money to date.

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