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Miss America Chairman Sam Haskell III Promotes Book - Promises I Made My Mother

MAO Board Chairman, Sam Haskell, III's book, Promises I Made My Mother, is now available for pre-order at,,, and Promises I Made My Mother will be available wherever books are sold after the formal release date of April 28.

(Image of Sam Haskell's Book - Promises I Made My Mother - Miss America Orgization - All Rights Reserved).

Sam is currently scheduled to make the following TV appearances to promote his book:

April 28 -- The Today Show, NBC*

April 29 -- The Early Show, CBS*

April 30 -- Fox and Friends, FOX News Channel*

May 4 -- Larry King Live, CNN*

May 5 -- The Tavis Smiley Show, PBS*

May 7 -- The Bonnie Hunt Show, CBS* May 7 -- The 700 Club, CBN*

There are more interviews pending, and the Miss America Organization will provide updates with tune-in alerts as they are confirmed!

Check out what people are saying about Promises I Made My Mother:

"It has been over 30 years since I signed on as Sam's first client right out of the mail room at the William Morris Agency. He has kept his promises to his beloved mother and to all the rest of us who owe him so much. This book is a must-read for anyone who hopes to find 'true' success in any field. The kind that lasts forever."

-Kathie Lee Gifford

"Sam Haskell is an anomaly in Hollywood. He brings to this book his humor, his honor and his unique perspective on how to live life. He is a great friend."

-Les Moonves, President and Chief Executive Officer, CBS

"I've always wondered how Sam Haskell survived in Hollywood, a viper's nest that would make any asp jealous! Sam always treated everyone with respect and behaved with honor. Now having read PROMISES I MADE MY MOTHER, I understand that Sam found success by being true to himself and keeping his promises to his mother. It's all in the breeding, and for you, it's all in the reading!"

-Doris Roberts, actress, "Everybody Loves Raymond"

"My friend Sam Haskell's PROMISES I MADE MY MOTHER is a portrait of a character-something mothers and sons should read together while celebrating one of the greatest bonds that exist in the world today!"

-Lily Tomlin

"Sam Haskell's journey has taken him from rural Mississippi to the White House and Buckingham Palace. This book will tell you exactly how he did it. He had an inspirational mother who taught him life's lessons!"

- Morgan Freeman

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