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Jay Mohr Got Into Fistfight With Groom

Martha Stewart had comedian Jay Mohr on her show on Monday, April 13th.  Martha talked about Jay's career as both a comedian and actor including his current starring role on Gary Unmarried.

Martha asked Jay if he always knew he wanted to be a comedian.  Jay said yes, he always knew he wanted to be a comedian, even before his family knew.  Jay said it is his opinion that comedian's are born and they are not made.  He believes that comedians are born with a natural comedic talent.

(Image of Jay Mohr and wife Nikki Cox - 51st Annual Grammy Awards Show Arrivals - 02-08-09 - - All Rights Reserved).

Best Sets Not Best Sex

The actor and comedian said when he was 15 years old he had done two sets of stand up comedy and he said he was so thrilled he went home and woke up his parents and said "I just had the best sets" and because they were just waking up and a little groggy they thought he said "the best sex" instead of the "best sets."

They were horrified that he woke them up to tell them about sex but once he explained it was "sets" they were fine with it.

Making A Living As A Waiter

While he was working on becoming a working comedian Jay told Martha he "was always a waiter."  Jay said "I had to do weddings and stuff and do banquets and stuff.  I worked hard and I always took pride in the work he did."  Jay's career as a banquet and wedding waiter ended when Jay said "I got into a fistfight with a groom at a wedding."

Although getting out of the wedding biz was a little traumatic, Jay said getting fired forced him to get into comedy full time.   He said the fistfight with the groom prepared him to really work on his stand up routines.  Jay said "I was 16 years old and going to the clubs in New York" and it was really hard because he was the new guy.

Martha told Jay everything turned out good and "now you have a very exciting acting career."  Martha pointed out "you've been with Al Pacino, Christopher Walken" and many other notable actors.  Jay pointed out by working with the various actors he was able to develop his various impressions.

Al Pacino Impressions

Jay discuss his work with Al Pacino and how he learned to do an impression of the famous actor.  Jay said "when I worked with Al I noticed that Al Pacino had two voices.  Early Al Pacino is very high like Tyne Daily on Cagney and Lacey.  But ass he gets older he turns into Big Daddy like Cat On A Hot Tin."  Jay did a brief impression of Al Pacino in both voice patterns.

Making A Broccoli, Tomato, Mozzarella Stromboli

Martha said he wanted to teach Jay how to make a broccoli, tomato and mozzarella stromboli.  Martha formally introduced Nikki Cox, Jay's wife, who was wearing a microphone so she could chat with Martha and Jay.  She asked Nikki if her husband cooked for her.  Nikki said Jay does not cook for her.

Jay said Nikki was a fabulous cook and make an old fashioned fried steak for him that she covered with blue cheese sauce which made "his knees buckle."   Jay was obviously very proud of his wife and her cooking.  He said "Nikki basically wants to be you."  A photo was shown of a special edible flower salad Nikki had made.  Martha told Nikki she would welcome her taking her place when she stopped doing her show.

Hmmmm.  Interesting comment eh?

Secrets About Jay Mohr

Martha asked Nikki to share something that nobody else knows about Jay.  Nikki pointed out it was a family show but she could share that Jay had lots of secrets but she was going to share something "clean."

Nikki said Jay hates those wooden or plastic coffee stirs from Starbucks.  For some bizarre reason to Jay when the wooden or plastic stirs touch teeth it is like "chalk on the blackboard" for Jay.   Nikki said when Jay hears a coffee stirrer touch teeth he goes nuts.  He also doesn't like wooden spoons, especially the small ones, or little plastic spoons.

Jay told Martha for some bizarre reason he's also phobic about cell phone rings.  Martha said her favorite ring tone is "Hello Motto".  Jay said his cell phone ring is just a plain old ring "just like a phone would ring."  Jay said it drives him a little crazy when he is in a business meeting and someone's cell phone rings with a special ring it's distracting and annoying.

When redirecting attention back to the Stromboli Martha said "they told me you can do everything."  Jay said "I don't know how to do anything (related to cooking.)  Jay said "I've worked with the greatest movie stars in the world in their worst films."  Jay said "Gary Unmarried is great because it's just me."

Jay said "do you know how surreal it is to be standing here and cooking with Martha Stewart?"  Jay actually played with the food processor and started singing "Who Let The Dogs Out."  Martha managed to stay on track making the Stromboli although Jay was cracking jokes right and left.  Martha said "have you noticed how men take their tongues out when they are concentrating?"  Jay made a joke about men taking their tongues out.

After mixing the Stromboli dough Martha noticed they had forgotten to add some olive oil.  Jay asked if they could put it in after the dough was already formed.  Martha said "no".  She pointed out "baking is precise" and you can't take liberties with it.

Jay said that Nikki and he had made Martha's thumbprint cookies for The Holidays.  He told her they put jam in the cookies just like she did.  Martha wanted to know from Nikki what type of jam she used for the filling.  Nikki said she found three different james that were fabulous.

After a break Martha showed a clip of Jay in Gary, Unmarried.  Martha wanted to know if Jay was anything like the character Gary, he plays on the show.  Jay said "I don't believe I'm anything like Gary."

Jay told Martha to ask his wife if he's like Gary.  Nikki said "luckily Jay is not like Nikki."

Jay said in "four years he and Nikki have never had an argument.  He said it's probably sickening to those at home who are just breaking up" but he is very happy.  Jay said the reason he is not like Gary Unmarried is because he is so happy with his wife Nikki Cox.  He said he and Nik have been married two years and the couple have lost any memory of life before they were together.  He said "Gary in his wildest dreams would be married to someone like Nik".

Obviously Jay Mohr is very much in love and very happily married.

At the end of the segment Martha invited Nikki to come up on stage and try the cooked Stromboli which was given a "delicious" rating.

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