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Lil' Kim On Ellen Dishing About Dancing With Stars

Rapper Lil' Kim recently appeared on The Ellen Show with her professional dancing partner, Derek Hough, who just happens to be the brother of Julianne Hough, another Dancing With The Star (DWTS) professional.

Ellen reported that Lil' Kim scored the first 10 from the judges on Dancing With The Stars for The Tango.

(Image of Lil Kim from ABC Dancing With The Stars - - All Rights Reserved).

Little Kim appeared on Ellen's stage wearing extremely long Ebony black hair, hanging bone-bone straight and down past her tush.  Her hair was super shiny like a sheet of silk or satin and it was brush softly up and off her face.

She was wearing a very cute coffee brown dress belted with a gold belt to create a sassy hourglass figure.  The shoulders were cute out, the dress was very short and she had on stiletto style gold heels which offset her belt.  She was stunning.

Ellen hugged Lil' Kim and asked her why she wanted to be on the show because there was only one other rapper ever on the show.

Lil' Kim said "i've been a huge fan for years and they called actually a couple of years ago and my life was so crazy a couple of years ago, everyone knows that, so I couldn't do it so, when the opportunity came back around I said I have to do this.  Cause I love the show."

Ellen repeated what she said "cause you love the show.  She said, you were watching it in prison...right?"  Lil' Kim said "yeah."  Ellen said "is it popular in prison?  LIke is everybody gathering around watching?"

(Image of Derek Hough from ABC Dancing With The Stars - - All Rights Reserved).

Lil' Kim said "yes its very huge its actually the #1 show and in prison (the audience laughed) you have to agree what show you watch so it was at the top and you know if you can't all agree than we don't watch it."

Ellen said "well if you're all watching Dancing With The I'm just imaging everybody in prison.  Are you all dancing the tango? And doing things like that? Were you rehearsing in prison?"   Lil' Kim laughed and said "you know its funny, we have Karoake"  Ellen "really?"  Lil' Kim "yeah.  I used to dance to my songs and get exercise.  And they were like, come on Kim, and I was like OK. So they had me dancing and singing my songs."

Ellen said "well that's cheating if you're singing your own songs."   Kim said "yeah I know."  The show hostess said "alright so you get out and then you say of course I want to do it."

(Image of Lil Kim and Derek Hough from ABC Dancing With The Stars - - All Rights Reserved).

Then Ellen said to Derek "did you think she would be good or how did you feel when you heard..."

Derek said "I'm not gonna lie I wasn't too sure what to expect you known and I had a very similar partner in the past season and when I heard I was dancing with Lil Kim I was like...and gee he whistled and tapped his knees...and I wasn't sure what to expect but you know what?"

Derek continued "from the second she walked in the door from 30 seconds I knew she was a wonderful person.  And she really is, a wonderful person and a hard worker.  She really is.  She's a great student and she trusts me 100% and she's kinda my muse actually.  She really inspires me.  I'll do something and she'll do it her way and I'm like allllright lets do it like that.  Alright cool, sooo."

Ellen said "and you're saying he's helping you too.  He's makes you feel really good."  Lil' Kim said "yeah he's helped me and the shows been very therapeutic for me and he's bringing a lot out of me that I didn't even know I had."

Ellen said "oh good, that's great."  She asked the couple, what are you dancing today?  Derek said "The Argentine Tango."  The couple then danced and they looked amazing and very graceful.  It was a stunning performance.

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