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Chyler Leigh's Baby Due May 15, 2009

Although you would never guess from the latest episode of Grey's Anatomy, actress Chyler Leigh who plays the role of Meredith's younger half sister (Dr. Lexi Grey) is expecting her third child with her actor/musician husband Nathan West.  Leigh, 26, married West, 30, in July 2002 after they worked together on the TV series 7th Heaven.

When Chyler first announced her pregnancy the decision was made by the producers on Grey's Anatomy to not write the baby bump into the show.  Instead, they decided to hide it with lab coats and behind furniture.

(Image of Chyler Leigh as Lexi Grey on Grey's Anatomy - - All Rights Reserved).

Chyler appeared on The Ellen Show on February 25, 2009 and discussed her pregnancy with the funny lady.

Chyler appeared on the show wearing pristine white slacks and a white and chocolate flowered flowing top which highlighted her growing bump.  Ellen patted Chyler's belly and talked to it briefly.  During the interview Ellen and Chyler discussed a recent episode of Grey's Anatomy that was very controversial because her character "broke" Dr. McSteamy's male body part.

After discussing the Grey's Anatomy sequence Ellen said "and when is your child due?" Chyler said May 15th.  Ellen asked if she knew the sex of the baby.  Chyler said "it's a girl."  Ellen asked Chyler if she had a name picked out.  Chyler said "we chose Aniston and her middle name is Kay after my mother-in-law, that's her middle name.

Ellen said "and Aniston, is that because you like Jennifer Aniston?"  Chyler said "she's like my best friend - she laughed, shook her head and said "I've never met her actually."

(Image of Chyler Leigh as Lexi Grey on Grey's Anatomy - - All Rights Reserved).

Chyler continued "no, it was just something, my husband and I were trying to look for different names and both of our kids have sort of a traditional and a unique name so we were kinda just looking for something, you know, not as common, and that one."

Chyler already has a five-year-old son, Noah Wilde, and two-year-old daughter, Taelyn with her husband.

Ellen said "its a good name."  Chyler said "it's a great name and my husband is actually the one that picked it soooo. He did a good job."   the talk show hostess agreed that Chyler's husband picked a good name.  She said to Chyler "he did a good job".  Ellen said "yeah, I like Aniston, that's good. And if you have another one - Degeneres."

Chyler laughed and said "I will, I'll think about that."  Ellen said just "throwing it out there."

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