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Anderson Cooper Drunk Dialed By Real Housewife Of Atlanta

Ellen Degeneres recently had "The Silver Fox, Anderson Cooper" on her fabulous afternoon talk show.  Anderson was Ellen's first guest of the day and he spent a lot of time chatting with Ellen about all types of different topics.

(Image of NeNe Leakes From Real Housewives of Atlanta - - All Rights Reserved).

It seems that Anderson was a huge fan of 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta.'

Ellen asked Anderson "so the last time you were here, I can't believe I had not gotten into...."  Anderson agreed "you were so young and naive back then, you didn't know."  Ellen said "tell them" asking him to tell the audience what they were referring to.

Anderson said "The Real Housewives of Atlanta."  He continued "yeah. I tried to inform you, I tried to warn you."  Ellen said "I caught on late. And boy I was hooked as soon as I started watching it.  Neene, Naana"  Anderson said "NeNe"  The audience shouted out her name.  She was something else.

She was also Anderson's favorite.  The newsman said "I mentioned her on the air and then I actually got drunk dialed by David Guertin."  The audience laughed.

Anderson continued "I was on the air, actually, and my phone rang, I can't be more than two feet away from my Blackberry at any time, and I saw the phone ringing and I was thinking who would be calling me during my show?  Most people I know, know that I'm on the air and I didn't answer because I was talking to David Guertin or something.  During a commercial break I checked to see who it was and it was NeNe riding the back of limo yelling at me "don't be tardy to the party".  I was like?  Never met her, but been drunk dialed by her."

Ellen said "have you changed your number since then?" Anderson said "I have of course"  Ellen said "good".

Anderson continued "and I've added a few layers of security as well."  Ellen said "I'm always scared to call you.  I actually called you after that, after I watched NeNe and I called you but you're always off doing something fancy."  Anderson said "yeah, I was in Egypt, but I got the call, and it was so exciting to get a call from you." Ellen said "yeah, well I was excited to call you".

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