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ANTM Auditions Get Down And Dirty

The most recent season The Bachelor has demonstrated clearly that reality TV shows have very little connection to reality.  Although America's Next Top Model is ramping up for yet another season try and remember who all the winners of past ANTM seasons were.  Uh huh.  Just what I thought.  Other then Adrienne Curry and maybe Eva Pigford, who has made a splash as a top model?

Seriously whatever happened to the other winners?  At least with American Idol many of the winners like Carrie Underwood go on to have big careers.

Even though the chances are very slim for the winners of the America's Next Top Model to really become a working model, the show is extremely popular and attracts huge ratings.  In some ways the drama that has occurred with the various judges have been more newsworthy than the actual models in the running.

The next edition of the ANTM Show - Cycle 13 was announced to be special by the fact that much shorter models would be selected.  Models under 5'8 would be eligible.  There were rumors that being as short as 5'5" might even be acceptable.

As a result, the call for new ANTM contestants in New York City for Saturday, March 14th resulted in chaos, people getting injured and potential contestants getting shoved and pressed into tight spaces where they couldn't breathe.  Some contestants fainted and some actually reported being forced to urinate into cups because they were told their coveted places in line would not be held if they left to use the restroom.

In addition to limited opportunities at the end of the show, the wannabe models are often subjected to major hair makeovers which sometimes leaves them worse for the scissors.  They are also forced to endure some difficult travel and posing situations.

The media is waiting to hear from the show's creator and hostress, Tyra Banks, about the mob scene and chaos that actually sent people to the hospital.

The scene of the ANTM chaos was tat the Park Central New York Hotel in New York City.  Traditionally ANTM holds auditions around the country and this was one of the first for the next cycle. 

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