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Maximum Eye Lash Enhancement And Results

Valencia, CA-While makeup trends are constantly changing to complement fashion, fabulous lashes are always in style. That's why Mirabella Beauty has created the Fringe Benefits Collection, a 4-step system that takes lashes to their fullest, most fabulous potential. Much more than mascara, the Fringe Benefits Collection contains the four great products every woman needs to restore, enhance and define her lashes for maximum results.

"With Fringe Benefits, Mirabella combines all of the products and tools a woman needs to maximize her lashes in one convenient collection," explains Darlene Zembrod, national trainer.

Step 1: Apply new Mirabella Lash Therapy conditioner at night to nourish, repair and thicken lashes with soothing chamomile and red seaweed. This crucial first step allows lashes to recover from unavoidable daily wear and tear. Lash Therapy includes vitamin-infused ingredients designed to protect, condition and rejuvenate lashes, while actually improving natural lash thickness.

"Traditional lash strengtheners and thickeners can cause drying of the lashes. That's why it's so important to condition your lashes at night to repair the daily wear and tear-just like you'd condition your hair," explains Zembrod. "After using Mirabella's Lash Therapy, your lashes will immediately seem much fuller, healthier and shinier." Suggested retail price is $18.50.

Step 2: New Mirabella Lash Definition Primer enhances lashes with innovative nylon fibers that create maximum extension and definition.

Lash Definition provides a base for mascara that lengthens lashes, thanks to its blend of beeswax and other natural waxes.

Using this body-building product allows you to make the most of mascara, creating a more effective and longer-lasting application.

Says Zembrod, "Our new Lash Definition Primer primes lashes for mascara, adding volume and extending the wear of the mascara. The blend of nylon fibers, beeswax and natural waxes delivers maximum impact without causing clumping or over-drying the lashes." Suggested retail price is $18.50.

Step 3: New Mirabella Lash Essential Mascara volumizes and accentuates each individual lash, creating a wide-eyed false lash look that is all yours. It's available in black. "New Essential Mascara in a unique gel formula extends and ensures maximum coverage of each individual lash for the fullest fringe possible," explains Zembrod. Suggested retail price is $19.75.

Step 4: New Mirabella Fringe Finish Heated Lash Curler gives you a perfect finish with a wide-eyed, false-lash look, thanks to battery-powered, instant curling technology. "Mirabella's heated eyelash curler makes it easy to curl both short and longer lashes without pinching your eyelid. That reduces your risk of losing lashes," says Zembrod. Suggested retail price is $26.00.

The No. 1 cosmetics brand used personally by salon professionals, Mirabella provides contemporary cosmetic products in timeless and trendy colours, professional artistry tools and technicals to help women recreate the "Oh, Wow!" feeling at home that they get when they look in the mirror after a salon makeup experience.

For a salon near you, for more information or to purchase Mirabella's fine cosmetics, visit or call 800-853-6650.

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