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Blonde Barbie Dolls Have More Fun

Mattel's Barbie is turning 50 this year.  The famous doll was first introduced in 1959.  A mint condition Barbie from 1959 is worth approximately $27,000.  I have a Barbie from 1959 that came in the original black and white striped suit.  My mom bought it for me at the Famous Barr store in South St. Louis on Kingshighway and Chippewa in the toy department for my birthday.

While I still have my Barbie, she is not in mint condition because I played with her for years, loved her, dressed her in a wide range of fashions and played with her blonde ponytail.  And yes, I was one of the little girls who wanted the blonde Barbie, not the brunette who was introduced at the same time as the blonde.

While Barbie was introduced as both a blonde and a brunette in 1959, the blond doll sold so much better, the brunette was soon relegated to the back of the shelf.

In 1968, Mattel introduced Barbie's first African American friend, Christie, who brought brunette dolls back into the spotlight. Today, girls still favor blond Barbie dolls.

Some of my friends in the neighborhood had the brunette Barbies and I remember them be envious my Barbie was blonde.  At the time my mom bought Barbie, she got one of the last blondes.  I was beyond thrilled.  Ironically I did not have a lot of happy memories with my mom growing up but when she purchased the Barbie doll for me it gave me many happy memories.  And yes, I have a matching blonde Ken doll.  Afterall, a little girl had to dream....right?

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