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Rihanna Marries Chris Brown Latest Rumor

Rumors continue to swirl regarding the recent Chris Brown/Rihanna physical abuse soap opera which gripped the world of celebrity gossip.  Now as reports "unconfirmed reports are suggesting that Chris Brown and Rihanna have secretly married.

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The theory behind the latest rumor mill is that the 19 year old Chris Brown and the 21 year old Rihanna married in a secret ceremony in Miami (the couple are staying in a Miami beach house owned by Sean Combs) in order to legally prevent Rihanna from testifying against Chris when he is scheduled to appear in court to address the recent assault allegations.

Recent Internet rumors spread indicating that Rihanna was pregnant but those rumors were never confirmed by either the Chris Brown or the Rihanna camp.

The current quickie marriage rumor is that Chris and Rihanna called in a minister to conduct a secret ceremony in Miami.

As it has been reported throughout the world, Chris Brown beat Rihanna in the wee hours of the Grammy Awards leaving her with visible signs of abuse and resulting in the popular Rihanna cancelling her scheduled appearance at the Grammy awards.  After the reports of the violance Rihanna went into seclusion and recently surfaced in Miami with Chris Brown.

Since Rihanna is refusing to press charges or testify against Brown many expect the case to be dismissed.

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