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ABC's Next Bachelor?

First of all, let me say I still think ABC should make RealitySteve their next bachelor.  Not only does the man fit the All-American boy next door who is hard working and gainfully employed, he has a rescue dog to boot (Maddie).  Also, I think Reality Steve actually helped The Bachelor ratings and viewership by leaking his Bachelor Conspiracy Theory.

Reality Steve aka 33 year old Dallas resident Steve Carbone is a laid back guy.  Maybe ABC and Mike Fleiss couldn't convince him to be The Bachelor, but after having watched The Bachelor from Day One with Alex and never missed a single show in all these years, I think Reality Steve is another Bob Guinney.   Afterall, whether they like it or not, RealitySteve did help to promote Jason's Bachelor Finale and After The Rose I and II.

If you are a guy who wants to be the next Bachelor, you can apply online through the ABC Bachelor site.  However, they do open casting calls and an inside source told me going to a casting call gives you a bit of an edge to  the selection process because the producers can see you up front and personal.  Definitely better than sending a photo or a video.

Anyway, ABC is already casting for their next Bachelor to follow Jason Mesnick.  Of course they had a huge ratings success with Jason so hopefully they will pick another boy next door. The inside word is that The Bachelor is going to be cast with someone "new" and not someone from previous Bachelorette shows like Jesse (who currently has a girlfriend) or Jeremy Anderson (from Deanna's season).

If you want to get in during the Open Casting Call, check out the info below:

Bachelor Casting Events:


THURSDAY, APRIL 23rd, 2009

5:00PM-9:00 PM





For more information about applying to be ABC's next Bachelor check out:

To see an application and read all the restrictions go to:

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