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The Bachelor Engagement Ring From Neil Lane

Last night during The Final Rose Ceremony Jason Mesnick proposed to Melissa Rycraft with a hand-crafted Neil Lane, 1.94 carat marquise-cut diamond platinum ring, encrusted and set with 170 smaller diamonds.

The engagement ring was featured during the last episode of The Bachelor as Jason decided which of the two remaining Bachelorettes would be his wife.  He proposed with the ring, which on Twitter he said was "mandatory" and required by the producers of the show.

During After The Final Rose Ceremony when Jason tells Melissa he is breaking up with her to be with Molly, she is seen slipping the stunning ring offer her finger and handing it back to Jason.

Traditionally when the man calls off the engagement the woman is allowed to keep the ring.  So why did Melissa give the ring back?  Was she required to do so by ABC or the production team on The Bachelor?

In the past there has been lots of news about the engagement rings presented by various Bachelors since to date not a single Bachelor has actually married who they have proposed to.  In one case a Bachelor engagement ring was a point of contention between the Bachelor Aaron Buerge who claimed to have paid for the ring and wanted it back from his ex, Helene.

Which leads to the question...why did Melissa give the engagement ring back if Jason broke up with her?  Stay tuned.

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