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Bachelor Conspiracy Theory Hits Bullseye

Tonight was The Final Rose Ceremony on The Bachelor.  For anyone watching they saw all the traditional romance and then they saw Jason pick Melissa.  Yes, we know.  It was all predicted by RealitySteve who had the ultimate Bachelor Conspiracy Theory.

According to RealitySteve, Jason would pick Melissa even though insiders on the show said he really wanted Molly.  However, according to RealitySteve Jason would pick Melissa and then on the After The Final Rose he would dump Melissa, who didn't suspect a thing, and then would tell Molly he had changed his mind and wanted her instead.

According to the now famous RealitySteve Bachelor Conspiracy Theory the unsuspecting Melissa would be dumped, Molly would agree to be with Jason and supposedly this plan was hatched early into the actual filming of the original show.

Bachelor host Chris Harrison recently came out and denied the entire Conspiracy Theory.  He did not mention RealitySteve by specific name but it was clear who he meant.  Meanwhile, RealitySteve is now a hero in the reality TV world for his guts to spill the beans on the funnybusiness going on behind the scenes at the Bachelor.

Yes, the Bachelor Conspiracy Theory is right on track and just as RealitySteve predicted, Jason will try to protect himself against claims of being an ass by saying he just followed his heart and made a mistake.  Which is exactly what he said.

Kudos to RealitySteve and our sympathies to Melissa who was the one who got duped in the entire scenario.

Will fans forgive Jason for what he did to Melissa?  Will his many celeb fans like Ellen Degeneres and Howard Stern?  Only time will tell.

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